Interpersonal in order to promote open communication,

InterpersonalCommunication is the communication between two or more person, through verbalor non- verbal messages.

It is rightly said that a single brain alone can’ttake all decisions alone. We need people to discuss various issues, evaluatepros and cons and reach to solutions benefiting not only the employees but alsothe organization on the whole. At my workplace I conduct weekly meeting with myteam in order to promote open communication, in the meeting we discuss strategieswhere every individual has the liberty to express his/her views. I believeinteraction on a regular basis is important for healthy relationship.                                                                   Intrapersonal communication is one that we have with ourselves i.e. thecommunication that occurs in our mind. Whenever I’m confronted with anychallenge or responsibility at my workplace, I instead of telling myself howgood I’m, I always ask myself “Do I have what it takes?” Principlesthat govern interpersonal communications are:·  Interpersonalcommunication is inescapable- We can’t not communicate.

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The very attemptnot to communicate communicates something. Through not only words but throughtone of voice and through gesture, posture, facial expression, we constantlycommunicate to those around us.·  Interpersonalcommunication is irreversible- You can’t really take back something once ithas been said. The effect must inevitably remain. A Russian proverb says,”Oncea word goes out of your mouth; you can never swallow it again.”·  Interpersonalcommunication is complicated- No form of communication is simple. Becauseof the number of variables involved, even simple requests are extremelycomplex.

Theorists note that whenever we communicate there are really at leastsix people involved:1.      Whoyou think you are2.      Whoyou think the other person is3.      Whoyou think the other person thinks you are4.      Whothe other person thinks he/she is5.      Whothe other person thinks you are6.      Whothe other person thinks you think she/he isWedon’t actually swap ideas; we swap symbols that stand for ideas. This alsocomplicates communication.

·            Interpersonalcommunication is Contextual- Communication does not happen in isolation.There are:1.      Psychologicalcontext- Which is who you are and what you bring to the interaction2.

      Relationalcontext- Which concerns your reactions to the other person3.      Situationalcontext- It deals with psycho-social, where you are communicating4.      Environmentalcontext- It deals with the physical “where” you are communicating5.

      Culturalcontext- It includes all the learned behaviors and rules that affect theinteraction. If you come from a culture where it is considered rude to makelong, direct eye contact, you will out of politeness avoid eye contact


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