Internet Piracy Essay

Internet Piracy has become a worldwide phenomenon and continues to grow everyday. Illegal music downloads, movie downloads, and now even video games contribute to the growing problem. In the U. S. alone more than 100 songs are downloaded every minute. There are 71,060 jobs that are lost in the United States every year due to Online Piracy. We have to admit that people pirate a lot of data. Whether it’s for video games, movies, professional and costly products, or operating systems, people pirate stuff and there is no end in sight.

Whether that is a good or bad thing is up to your own opinion. One highly pirated form of media is music. In fact, there’s a pretty high demand for music as it doesn’t take much before you’ve already spent $100 to fill your iPod by about 5%. An average mp3 player contains at least $800 of illegal music. About 95% of all music that is downloaded is pirated. Most people think it is ok because someone had to originally buy a CD, so they think of it as just sharing.

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An average mp3 player contains at least $800 of illegal music.The Hip-Hop artist Drake’s single “The Motto” is the most illegally downloaded single in the States totaling 458,038 downloads during a six month period. . This goes to show that people download illegal music as if they weren’t doing anything wrong. As popular as downloading illegal music is, it only makes up 2. 9% of total internet piracy. The most popular pirated items on the internet are movies and TV episodes.

A lot of people buy the movies then burn copies and resell them. It happens in everyday life but when people buy movies like this they never really think of it as being a bad thing.These statistics show that the problem is ridiculous and hurts a lot of people and nobody seems to realize how wrong it really is. In 2010, the movie Avatar was downloaded an astonishing 17,580,000 times! That is preposterous for just one movie. It’s hard to calculate the mass amounts of money the movie industry is losing when one movie is downloaded so many times. What is truly amazing is in 2010, the TV series Lost had 5,940,000 downloads per episode. The show had 17 episodes in 2010 which leads to an unfathomable statistic.In addition to all the other pirated items come PC video games.

For every 1 PC Game sold, 15-20 copies of the same game are pirated. Quite frankly, people are crazy for spending their money on a game and wasting their time uploading it to a website site so other people can get it for free when they themselves had to actually buy it. If everyone actually bought a PC game over downloading it, the total sales of that game would more than double giving people a glance of just how much piracy hurts the economy.PC games have a 90% illegitimate use to 10% per cent legitimate which raises many questions about how these companies making the games manage to stay afloat. With the vast growth of the Internet and the content found on the World Wide Web, who can be held accountable for what each user does? It is virtually impossible to monitor and control everyone who uses the internet. These issues seem to have musicians, software creators, and movie studios in frenzy trying to figure out how to stop these criminals and quit losing money.

Piracy is and will always remain a problem unless a new way of preventing it is developed.


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