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Internet defined in technology terms is “a global wide area network that connects computer systems across the world”. (Christensson.P, 2015) Quality of life in short can be of the quality of a person’s life. It can be in the form of happiness, independence and amount of freedom a person can have. It is hard to measure since it is subjective. Internet has brought many good things to humanity.

It made long distance communication more efficient through the use of email which made the message to be able to send in seconds while it could take days or months to deliver depending on the distance. With Internet, people can still connect to each other despite the distance and may even strengthen their bonds. With Internet, people can research on the type of information they want depending on their intention by using search engine like Google. People who want to make better investment can study economic trends online to be kept updated. They can also learn from topics that other people has shared such as sports, hobbies and interests.

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Through online, they can learn what they want without paying fees since most of the information on the Internet are free.Just as people can access the types of information they want, they can share different types of information they want online as well through Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and so on. They can share significant parts of their lives online to share their happiness with others. They can also share their tips and exercise routine so that other who wants to be fit can find it and follow it. Internet can also aid in prevention of accidents or sickness with a weather-notification system.

For instance, “Montgomery County, Md., has used the Internet of Things to improve public safety in low-income housing” where it harnessed its advanced technology to detect the atmosphere of the country in which its data is sent over internet to alert residents if there is a hazard. (Erlanger, 2014) This reduces possible accidents due to not foreseeing the future weather.

Internet can reduce the wall between work and home where people can be allowed to work at home reducing the travel time and fees being a plus. For instance, Global Workplace Analytics that “studies and promotes flexible work situations” reports that telecommuting has grown almost 80% in 7 years. (Shin, 2014) The reason for it is telecommuting is both flexible and beneficial as people can get the same amount or more salary just by working home unlike before where they waste time and money travelling to work place. An example could be a software developer who develop software.Internet can bring disadvantages where over-reliance can reduce social interactions between people causing to lose their social skills.

Using Internet excessively may produce someone who communicate more at home through Internet than the normal way. This type of person is called a “computer geek”. Internet can also bring health problems such as strain injury from typing.

The eyesight can also worsen from staring too long at the screen. In a few decades, the percentage of people wearing spectacles has increased to 41.6% approximately. With advancing Internet it is more difficult for businesses to catch up with their competition. This is because the global market has reduced the common intermediaries adapt to competition. This means there can be people who can out-do others in business making them lose both their jobs and business.

Illegal and unethical acts could be committed with the use of Internet making crimes difficult to detect. They are harder to detect when it is done where there is a blur line between an individual’s privacy and free information. It could also be harder to detect or be brought justice since it could be legal but unethical. Internet can cause people to lose their jobs since most business uses Internet and if they don’t have the skills that can be applied on the net. This is especially so for the older generation who cannot catch up with the younger generation in terms of skills requirement. This led many who could be breadwinners to their families to lose their jobs and give a harder lifestyle than others.

In conclusion, while the Internet could bring convenience in communicating through long distance in short time, it could also make people be antisocial in life.  Though it could bring health problems such as bad eye-sight, it could also alert people for preparation of bad-weather to prevent from harms. Just as it has its benefits, it also has caused people their jobs making them lose salary that they need to afford themselves a good life.


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