International Business And Operation Manager Business Essay

Our company Elite Logistics was established in 1988.

Our headquarter is located in Mumbai, India. Our company is India ‘s most reputed populace limited company. We are one of the India ‘s most esteemed logistics and supply concatenation direction spouse, offering distinguishable installation across industries with integrating of extremely experient people, procedure and advanced engineering. We Elite Logisticss authorise our client concern by organizing the operational and strategic prospective.

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Elite Logisticss have huge cognition of supply concatenation direction which includes many operations like planning, commanding, forming and directing a good scope of critical undertakings achieved by individuals in different states and civilization and with multi linguistic communication capablenesss.We are cognizant about organizing different events like clip, topographic point and people which are indispensable for supply concatenation direction. We have been continuously doing establishments of extremely talented specializers which are specially concentrating on operating theoretical accounts that compound the clients concern.Our confer withing and operation clients advancement squad manus over logistics, operation scheme, procurance and sourcing planning, client full service and service after gross revenues.

Our portfolio speaks at our best experience, development and expertness. Elite Logistics works for assorted industries like pharmaceuticals, substructure, retail, telecom and most significantly consumer lasting industry.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the ultimate Logisticss and supply Chain Company which accomplishes offering accommodated services through assurance invention with Excellency in services.

Our Goal

Our end is to better our client concern by offering them superior solutions while doing a value which exceeds stakeholders ‘ outlooks.

Our Core Valuess

Trustworthiness: This is towards our clients, our work and our human resources. We try to construct trust with every client and our employees.

It is the cardinal key for our organisation.Respect: Our clients are treated with regard and with great award as per their outlooks. We give maximal receptivity, regard and consideration for employees and other stockholders.Differentiations: Differentiations and uninterrupted inventions in our operations are the one which helps in mensurating good growing and accomplishment. It will heighten learning expertness for our employees and value added to our clients.Team work: our each and every squad members and our spouses have the ability to work in squad with other workers, they are self-motivated people. Team work is the of import factor for any venture to acquire win in market.

Corporate Social Duty: Our corporate societal duty towards the society is to return back the equal sum what we get from the society we were runing in.

Industries we serve

PowerRetailTelecommunicationSports and EventsEngineeringPharmaceuticals

Our installations

Global Logisticss:

Elect Logisticss Company provides the service of presenting the concluding cargo from one topographic point to concluding finish through wide international web. Our company has skilled, experient and specialised staff to pull off the logistics demand with planetary motions.


Our company provides faithful and warranted warehousing solutions which is an built-in portion of our client supply concatenation. Elite Logistics is dedicated to multi distribution centres and has good equipped warehouse system and operations that assure the clients to acquire optimal degree of operation efficiency.

Transportation system and Distribution:

Elite Logistics works with the industries which have the best work patterns like coding integrated bringing direction systems. Our latest technological package ensures handiness of information and connecting towards distribution.

Management and Human Resources

International Business and Operation Manager

Dhavalkumar patel is good organized individual to accommodate this place. He has worked as a supply concatenation operation director at ATLAS logistics for 10 old ages which is India ‘s largest logistics company. He was responsible for organize, direct, manage, evaluate and are responsible for the operations and budget of warehouse installations, including the designation of chances for warehousing operation betterments.

Dhaval has good instruction background, he did his maestro ‘s in concern disposal and he ‘s working with us since last one twelvemonth.Dhaval consists of strong analytical accomplishments, job work outing accomplishments, and has good communicating power which makes him good representative and coordinator for the international enlargement of ELITE logistics and supply concatenation concern. His old experience make him strong employee as a undertaking coordinator which will be good to our organisation.

Finance Operator

Mayank Maisuriya who is best in the field of funding has work experience for 5 old ages in DHL Ltd as a Finance operator in finance section. Mayank has done monolithic part for the success of an administration by using his cognition and accomplishments of his funding constructs and budgeting accomplishments. He was the anchor of the DHL Company as he possess a good cognition about the finance section which one of the indispensable section of the administration and his determinations affects the whole administration.

Mayank Maisuriya has a good academic background ; he has completed his Maestro ‘s in Business Administration major in finance and Bachelor grade in Business Administration. He has strong analytical accomplishments with a good prediction ability, calculation accomplishments with good interpersonal accomplishments. All this accomplishments and makings lead him to go portion of the growing of ELITE Logistics. The adding value to the administration is his finance direction accomplishments and communicating accomplishments.

Human Resource Manager

Hardik amreliya is good experient individual to be on this place. He has work experience of 5 old ages at trust industries as a enlisting and forces director. He had a duty for enrolling new staff and bettering public presentation by giving them developing.

He has a good cognition about the human resource direction as hardik has a grade of MHRD ( ministry of human resource development ) .Hardik is a end oriented individual and active squad participant with different accomplishments. He has a good enlisting accomplishment and good communicating power that will assist us in our undertaking to enroll new employee. As a recruiter in trust industries, he did many international undertakings which consequences good cognition about the international civilization. As per the experience and cognition he will go good employee to assist us in this undertaking.

Selling and Public Relations Officer:

Rahul Chavda who has achieved great highs in the field of selling possesses good academic makings and experience to acquire selected for this reputed place. He has a really good experience for four old ages in ESSAR Steel ltd. He worked as a Marketing Manager in this well-known company, First, he was selected as an helper to selling director but because of his dedication and ardor in doing good selling determinations he was promoted to the selling director station.

Rahul Chavda holds a strong convincing power, good presentation accomplishments and a communicating power that helps him to accomplish the trust of the mark clients. Another really indispensable accomplishment that he has is the interpersonal accomplishments by which he can accomplish the construct called client relationship direction. He has a good cognition of multiple linguistic communications to make client consciousness which made him a good selling director at an international degree.


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