“Interests ups and downs throughout my time

“Interests always come to you unexpectedly” is a well-knownsaying. I have come to discover my interest in sports in an unexplainable way: it just dawned on me while Iwas watching a soccer game on TV. Although it was not until I started playingsoccer in middle school and I did not have an opportunity to participate muchin any sports events due to myinconvenience, my fire, and passion sproutedwhen I first laid my foot on a soccer ball. Many people have asked me: “What isyour favorite sport?” I always answered without a doubt; soccer.Soccer has been a part of my life since I was seven.

I wasinspired by the soccer players and my surroundings. However, I developed thatinfluence into a passion by devoting myself entirely to it. My parents wereconcerned about me getting injured and almost convinced me not to play soccer,but that could not stop me from doing what I love. I decided to take the risksregardless what my parents told me; I joined the soccer team without hesitating.I was not great at soccer, then I took off my personal time just to train mysoccer skills such as dribbling, shooting, and passing.

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Day by day, one step ata time, my abilities to play soccer had grown as well as my love to this sport.There was one point in my life when I had this crazy dream about being a soccersuperstar one day which I knew it was not too practical for me, so I gave up onthat dream. Every now and then, soccer is more than just a hobby to me, it is alifestyle that affects every part of my life.Playing soccer has many benefits and shaped me as a person, physicallyand mentally, more than I thought it would. I have had ups and downs throughoutmy time of playing soccer: I got injured a few times, I made mistakes duringthe game that made my team lost consecutively.

Despite the obstacles, I wasencouraged to persevere and recover from my mistakes. As a captain of my soccerteam in middle school, I was responsible for leading the team to victory and inorder to do that, I had to be a role model and have a voice to keep thechemistry between my teammates alive. No matter what the result of the gamelooked like, we took success or defeat with sportsmanship spirit, and I respectedand appreciated their hard work and efforts were put out on the field becausewe played with our hearts and we played as a team: that is the beauty of teamsports. I love my teammates Moreover, soccer has helped me with socialinteractions/relationships.

It also serves as an escape from all of the stressand burdens from the world. I have always come to the park by myself, playingwith a soccer ball as if it was my best friend. Soccer is my heartand soul and without it, my life would not have been the same. Soccer is whatputs a smile on my face and keeps me motivated. It is not simply just a gameitself, but because it connects everyone together. This thrilling sport gave methe reason to strive for something great, the reason that kept me on the fieldfor 90 minutes every week, the reason to live my life with a passion.


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