Instructional Planning & Design Essay

Instructional Planning & Design            This design and content of the bulletin board aligns with a state standard in Science which requires learning to facilitate the application of knowledge. The bulletin board translates to an instructional activity which requires students to apply what they have learned about constellations by identifying them from the bulleting board. The stars placed inside the moon, which serves as a packet, contains clues. Students shall be asked to pick one from the packet and identify the constellation being asked from the clue. Moreover, the bulletin board is aligned with Schrock’s views on how it should be interactive and useful in allowing students to learn and engage in the design process since their knowledge of constellations will help in providing meaning or essence to the contents of the bulletin board.

 In addition, this bulletin board follows the nine principles of bulletin design because the layout is balanced in all sides of the bulletin, the figures draw content to the bulletin board, the shapes of the stars in the constellations emphasizes how students are supposed to figure out the shapes or figures, there is contrast between the black and white colors, the colors and content of the bulletin board goes together, the title draws attention from the students because it also constitute a directive or instruction, and all the contents were mounted properly. 

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