Innovative Person Essay

Alex Nasypany Ms. Chronkite English 10-4 22 May 2012 What does it mean to be innovative? Being an innovative person means you have used or shown ideas and it has permanently changed the way people do that industry.

George Lucas is an iconic film maker that along with the creation of his Video Game Company, LucasArts, and film production company, LucasFilms, released the legendary film saga that is Star Wars. Not only did Lucas create some of the best films of all time but his company also created many games that were very successful, most of which based on either Star Wars or Indiana Jones franchises.Lucas for films has not only produced but also written and directed for many of the company’s big films. Lucas is just one example of how being innovative in today’s world can make you millions. George Lucas was born in a Modesto, California, a single boy out of four children. From a young age Lucas liked to spend his time with cars. He began working and racing them as a teen. In his teen years he got his first camera and began making short films that he would share with his peers.

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While persueing his dreams of being a race car driver Lucas was in a nearly fatal accident that had the emmergency personnel feared for the worst. At first the personnel could not find a pulse in Lucas and thought him as dead. He was rushed to the hospital after a heartstoping find of his pulse.

During his recovery lucas decided to change his path in life and instead of racing cars for a living decided to persue a career in film making.Lucas enrolled in Modesto Junior college where he earned an AA degree and developed a passion for cinematography. Lucas eventually transferred to the university of southern california school of cinematic arts in L. A. After Graduating with a bachelor of fine arts in film in 1967, he had some troubles discovering what he wanted to do next. He tried going into the military but was shot down until later when he was drafted by the Army.

Upon the testing required to join the Army lucas was diagnosed with a non threating case of diabetes.After the news he was givin he decided to re enroll at Usc in film production. After this, his real career in film making took off. Lucas started of his real career with his hit film American grafitti which he created with his wife. His next project, Star wars Episode IV: A New Hope revolutionized how films are produced today.

Lucas’s new film techniques shook the world with their groundbreaking special effects. Lucas then created Lucas Arts, which is a highly regarded company in todays gaming industry.


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