INNOKIN iClear E-CIGARETTE Case Study Essay

INNOKIN iClear E-CIGARETTEQuestion 1The Innokin iClear 30 electronic coffin nail ( besides known as E-cigarette ) is an advanced manner of smoking without all the hazards attached to it. It is a cylindrical-shaped tubing that has a ruddy tip every bit good as a filter. The device operates with a battery.

It is filled with liquid nicotine that is dissolved in H2O and propene ethanediol. The E-cigarette plants in such a manner that when one takes a whiff, the nicotine heats up therefore making vapor that is inhaled in the lungs of those smoking it. The device is portable and can be smoked anyplace as it does non hold a odor.The merchandise is a alone option to a regular coffin nail, it does no injury to human lungs and the environment, as no secondary fume is emitted. The iClear 30 e- coffin nail contains no baccy.

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The demand that the merchandise references, is that it aims to offer users an gratifying, convenient and relaxed manner of smoke. The iClear 30 besides aims to cut down illnesss or diseases ( such as lung malignant neoplastic disease and respiratory jobs ) caused by regular coffin nails. This device is designed for people who wish to discontinue smoke every bit good as for those who are ever unfastened to new, merriment filled experiences. Electronic cigarettes is a foundation of discontinuing smoke, a figure of tobacco users find it perfectly hard to halt the wont of regularly smoke but it is proven that if you familiarise yourself with this device, you will happen it easier to halt smoke.

The iClear 30 is non merely purchased to cut down smoke, but many consumers are besides speculative and take to smoke it as a recreational activity, similar to hookah. This does non connote that the individual smokes coffin nails ( with baccy ) .As the merchandise is new to the market therefore it aims to be extremely profitable. Innokin iClear 30 electronic-cigarettes use the undermentioned pricing schemes:1.

Merchandise line pricing – this is fundamentally pricing assorted merchandises within the same merchandise scope at different monetary value points. This means the more characteristics that e-cigarette has, the higher the monetary value.2. Premium pricing – the clannishness of the iClear e-cigarette reflects the high monetary value set. The more alone the merchandise is the higher the monetary value.Question 2Market cleavage refers to the division of sections into smaller, manageable parts with similar features, demands and behaviors in order to make a common land with the mark market. Sellers normally use three ways in which to section their market.

This is known as the three Broad Market Segmentation attack. It consists of:1. Concentrated targeting:This market offers a particular section which can ensue in greater cognition in fabrication and selling procedures. Any concern utilizing concentrated targeting is likely to be successful because it merely focuses on one section and it would hence be more manageable, but it could move as a menace due to the hazard involved in the merchandise weakness or consumers who do non accept the merchandise. This could take to a dramatic lessening in gross revenues.2.

Differentiated targeting:Businesss that are utilizing this mark schemes, marks two or more market sections utilizing two or more different selling schemes. It involves high costs when concerns are seeking to better fabrication procedures and increasing production. This will do assorted other costs to increase.3.

Undifferentiated targeting:This aiming scheme is chosen when concerns avoid differences in the market. Businesss offer one specific marketing offering by concentrating on the similarities found in the market section, as opposed to concentrating on the differences. The disadvantage of this mark attack is that standardised merchandises can do economic systems of graduated table to be achieved.

The wide market cleavage approach our merchandise, Innokin iClear 30 e-cigarette utilizations is concentrated aiming by concentrating on one specific mark market and that includes everyone between the ages of 16- 55+ old ages old. This mark market has commonalties, in that it caters for tobacco users who would wish to discontinue the wont every bit good as for people who appreciate the singularity of the merchandise, every bit good as the benefits and satisfaction this merchandise offers. It is apparent that Innokin achieves greater satisfaction by marketing their merchandise at one specific section.Assorted facets can be taken into consideration when taking to section the market. The four dimensions for market cleavage are:1.

Geographic CleavageThe iClear 30 e-cigarette is a well-known merchandise all around the universe. It can be used in any state, state, province, part, metropolis or vicinity without people from different topographic points inquiring or inquiring what the is. They might ask about the nearest topographic point to acquire one but non about what the existent merchandise is.2. Demographic CleavageAge: Users of the e-cigarette comes in different age groups runing from 16-25, 26-35, 36-45, 46-55 and the 55+ class. The consumers runing from age 16 to 25 are more likely to travel after the different spirits that are on offer for as it is similar to the narghile pipe they tend to be smoking.

The age groups from 26 up are more likely to lodge to the baccy or batch flavoured liquid refill as the coffin nail satisfaction is what they’re after and you won’t ever get that from the other spirits because they taste like Sweets and fruit.Gender: The e-cigarette is vaporized by both male and female. It does non make a stigma that it’s a male merely or female merely merchandise. The e-cigarette is wholly unisex.Family: E-cigarettes are household friendly as it does non bring forth harmful fume but instead vapor.Education: The fact that coffin nails are so harmful to the human organic structure due to the pitch and combustion of baccy, we are taught that we shouldn’t smoke. With all that said and done, even from a immature age, most of us still experiment and finally stop up with smoke as a wont.

The e-cigarette was invented to be the non-harmful option to smoke as all you inhale and exhale is vapour -which after several tests- has non been found to be harmful to our organic structures.Income: Peoples from all different incomes may utilize the electronic coffin nail as the different trade names of the device comes in a assortment of monetary values runing from R200 right up to R1000. Even though the different trade names have different monetary values, they are all the same merchandise and can all utilize the same liquid refills.3. Psychographic CleavageLifestyle and Social Class: The e-cigarette was invented to make an thought that people who own the device is of a higher societal category as those who do non have one.

Many tobacco users are exchanging from coffin nails to e-cigarettes to better their life styles.4. Behavioral CleavageUser position: Many people of high positions are exchanging from coffin nails to the TWISP electronic coffin nails as this is the most expensive trade name. The TWISP is of a higher quality than the other trade names and besides has five coevalss of the e-cigarettes.Use Rate: Smokers who smoke a package a twenty-four hours are likely to smoke a 200ml liquid refill in 3 to 4 yearss. These people are likely to be classified every bit rich as rich as a 200ml bottle of liquid refill costs R200.

Benefits sought: Peoples switch from normal coffin nails to the e-cigarettes to acquire rid of the atrocious odor that comes from smoking. Since its vapor coming from the e-cig, you do non acquire any tarriance odors. The other benefit people look for from the e-cigarette is to finally discontinue smoke. This is why there is a homeopathic scope of liquid refills. The homeopathic scope does non incorporate any nicotine so it helps users to slowly quit smoke.

Attitude: The attitude of the consumer toward smoking the e-cigarette is what will finally assist them to discontinue smoke. If they continue to smoke an full bottle of liquid refill per twenty-four hours, they will ne’er discontinue smoking unless they switch to the homeopathic scope.Question 3Production- Consumption spreads refer to the topographic point where the goods are manufactured is non needfully the topographic point in which the goods are consumed.

The spreads that affect our merchandise, Innokin iClear e-cigarette are:Space spread: There is a mill in one specific country but the users of these e-cigarettes are located in different countries. This leaves a geographical barrier between the maker and the consumer.Information spread: First clip, uninformed purchasers might non hold sufficient cognition on this electronic coffin nail. A coffin nail tobacco user, who is loath on discontinuing, might make up one’s mind non to purchase an electronic coffin nail because they are non really familiar with this merchandise and the easier alternate would be to buy coffin nails because it’s cheaper and easy accessible.

An electronic coffin nail besides requires tonss of attempt and subject when seeking to kick the wont of baccy, some people merely don’t have the clip or forbearance and hence return to smoking coffin nails.Value spread: The maker and the consumer of the iClear e-cigarette must hold on the monetary value of the e-cigarette. If consumer’s perceptual experience of the merchandise is excessively expensive, consumers will buy a cheaper option or a cheaper trade name of e-cigarettes.All these Production-Consumption spreads can earnestly halter gross revenues for Innokin and this could take to a drastic diminution in production and market portion for this company.

There are ways in which these spreads can be closed by placing the Marketing mix that Innokin uses for the iClear e-cigarette. The selling mix entails the merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and publicity.Merchandise:iClear e-cigarette- It is of a great quality. – This merchandise is non risky and does non bring forth secondary smoke because it is merely het nicotine vapor. – This e-cigarette can be reused. – There are a assortment of spirits to take from and these entreaties to users.

This will assist shut the value spread and increase gross revenues. Peoples will add greater value to the merchandise because of all the advantages this merchandise serves.Direction manuals are distributed when this e-cigarette is bought by consumers. This closes the information spread because more people will go informed as to how the merchandise works every bit good as the benefits thereof.

This will do gross revenues to increase due to word of oral cavity.The cyberspace besides closes the information spread because if people want to happen out more about the merchandise, they can merely research it or they can log onto the company’s web site.Monetary value: This refers to the monetary value at which the e-cigarette is sold for, taking into consideration all input costs. The iClear e-cigarette retails at a monetary value of R200- R1000. The monetary value scope is dependent in the type of e-cigarette consumers wish to buy. Innokin has a competitory advantage because its rivals, Blu and other Chinese imitations usaully charge more for e-cigarettes which are of a lower criterion and quality than Innokin.

This closes the value spread because consumers will hold that this is an acceptable monetary value scope that is charged for the iClear e-cigarette because of its outstanding quality that the consumer will deduce from buying this merchandise.Topographic point:This refers to where the merchandise can be purchased. The Innokin, iClear e-cigarette can be found in most shopping centres and in promenades.

A broad assortment of electronic coffin nails can besides be found in high-tech, gadget stores every bit good as baccy stores. iClear e-cigarettes can besides be purchased online through OLX or Gumtree.This closes the infinite spread because this merchandise is easy accessible and it can be found in most promenades.Promotion:This usually refers to freebees consumers get when buying a specific merchandise. With every iClear e-cigarette purchased, consumers get a free liquid nicotine refill.

This will increase gross revenues because more people will get down purchasing merchandises and they will salvage money by holding to buy extra refills. This is besides closes the value spread.Question 4Due to the singularity of the merchandise there is more than one type of positioning method used ; one based on benefit placement and another on rival placement.Rival positioning would indicate to the fact that the company can claim that the Innokin iClear 30 E-Cig is non merely healthier but can be used as an instead cheaper and more helpful manner of discontinuing or cut downing 1s consumption of coffin nails. Since there is no pitch sometimes less tar depending on the sirup one bargain for the Innokin iClear it affects 1s wellness on a lower graduated table than that of coffin nails. A package of coffin nails on mean cost between R22-R35 a package, a bottle of sirup cost about R50 albeit the fact that it takes longer to smoke a bottle of sirup than a existent package of coffin nails. The sirup that is smoked besides comes in non merely a assortment of spirits but every bit good as strength of the sirup once it reaches 1s lungs, to assist kerb or wholly take the demand for a coffin nail.Benefit placement would talk to the convenience of the existent merchandise no igniters are needed to smoke, air current as a job becomes cut down to zero per centum ( sing the air current can blow out a coffin nail or do it hard to visible radiation ) and it can be smoked by a touch of a button intending no pre-mature violent death.

I suggest the company take up a user positioning scheme to capture a market portion largely ruled by coffin nail companies. This would be best achieved by personalisation of the merchandise to a peculiar form, manner, color penchant or engraving of a user’s name on the Innokin iClear 30 E-Cig. This allows the purchaser of the merchandise to hold a sense of ownership and uniqueness about the merchandise. This in combination with the other schemes would non merely raise the profile of the company but place the Innokin iClear 30 E-Cig as a clear challenger to any trade name of coffin nails out on the market.In decision, based on the above mentioned information, Innokin iClear 30, it is apparent that the selling schemes used, are working good with the merchandise and it is inline with the aims the merchandise hopes to accomplish.

Success can be measured by the success achieved by Innokin and the turnover the company received since its origin.


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