Initial author’s feelings. Emotion: What emotion was

Initial Response: What does this poem seem to be about? This poem seems to be about a woman who is in love with he/she, but is later on in denial about being in love with the person.

Words: Were the words in this poem difficult or easy to understand? Was there any word or phrase that was powerful to you? The words in the poem were pretty easy to understand, yet there is one powerful phrase that I admired in this poem which is “I do not love thee! —yet, I know not why, whate’er thou dost seems still well done, to me: And often in my solitude I sigh”. Images: Did the poet create strong images? What could you see, hear, smell, taste, or feel? Yes! The poet did create some strong images. It’s like I could visualize her identifying the person that she is in love with. Figurative Language: What poetic devices were used in this poem? What did these poetic devices do for the poem? Did these devices help create imagery or communicate the author’s feelings? The poetic devices that were used in this poem were Emotions. What this poetic device did for this poem was reveal to readers on how the Woman went from happy and being in love to her being sad and in denial. This device helped clearly create imagery & communicate the author’s feelings. Emotion: What emotion was the author trying to express? The emotion that the author is trying to express was the woman trying to stop herself from the grasp of love, but still willing to give love a shot. The woman identifying the person that she fell in love with shows how much she adores him/her.

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Structure: How is the poem organized (lines, stanzas, etc.)? What is unique or interesting about the structure of the poem? Does the poem rhyme? The way that this poem is organized is in a five four-line a sentence stanza, finding a way for the poem to rhyme. Meaning: What is the poem saying about life or love? Do you agree or disagree with this message? Explain. Are there any other reasonable ways to interpret this poem? This poem is saying that you’ll deny love over and over again because of what happened in the past involving love, but as soon as the person you believed would be the same… love will come back in a better and a much happier way.

I agree with this message because people deny love once a certain situation happens that cause them to be heartbroken when really all it will take is the right person to switch how they feel about love all around. The author doesn’t want to fall in love with he/she but, she can’t help but to do the opposite and fall in love. Publication: What kind of magazine or other publication would be the best place for this type of poem? The magazine that would be the best place for this type of poem is “Love Stinks”.


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