Information Searching and Retrieval Essay

 The difference between a subject directory and a search engine is the way in which the information about a website is gathered. Search engine is a program that finds Web sites, Web pages, images, videos, news, maps, and other information related to specific topic. A search engine is helpful in locating information for which we do not know an exact Web address or are not seeking a particular Web site. A subject directory classifies Web pages in an organized set of categories, such as sports or shopping, and related subcategories.Using this search tool, we locate a particular topic by clicking links through different levels, moving from the general to the specific.

b) In my opinion, we can deliver information without talking, writing, typing and body signals. One of the way to deliver information is through signals, signs and symbols. For example painting and drawing contain information to the extent that they present.

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One more example, signboard that we usually see besides the road. c) One of the way to narrow down the results in search engine is to use specific nouns and also put the most important terms first in the search text.Besides that, we can also use other search engine which has subject directories such as Gigablast, MSN, Excite and Open Directory Project.

This is because, contains of information in search engine that is with subject directory classifies Web pages in an organized categories. d) In my opinion, it is a need to search from internet. Even though we have books that contains related information that we want to find, but it is much easier to find it in the internet.Using internet, we only type in the words or related topic that we want to sear in the search engine and thousands of result will come out. Plus, the result for the related information is not limited. Sometimes, the information in books or other reading materials is very hardly to be use because the information in it might be not up to date. e) Four of internet capabilities are retrieval, communication, entertainments and consumer base.

In retrieval, it is easier for us to retrieve any information in internet for our use.In communication, we can communicate with others using internet, for example we can video chat with our friends which is overseas through internet. Using internet also, we can find entertainment. There are loads of entertainments in internet we can find, for example Youtube provides us with many videos and songs. We can also download songs from internet. While in consumer base, it helps people who are doing business. For example, Internet provides a business with the capability to project its products or services to every location that has internet access.


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