INDUSTRY Maruti Udyog Limited challenged the two

INDUSTRYPROFILECHAPTER1HISTORYOF CAR INDUSTRY IN INDIA:Thefirst car came on road was in 1897 in India. India did not have anymanufacturing facility until 1930 all the cars were imported from foreigncountries. In1940 first car manufacturing facility was established in India. HindustanMotors was launched its first car in India. Within the span of 10 yearsMahindra & Mahindra, Premier and Fiat Company was launched.  After independence government of Indiaencouraged private companies to manufacture of spare parts and supply toautomobile industry.

Indiais the 10th largest in the automobile industry in the world. Nearly20 lakhs units produced every year. Automobile industry is one the quicklygrowing manufacturing industry in India. India is likely to overtake Chinas fastest growing car market withregard to number of unit sold.

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Because of India has 2nd largestpopulation in the world, so it has large market. India has become the center ofattraction for global manufacturers because of huge opportunity with a surgingeconomy, ambition towards owning a car. Inlate 1980s the new entrant Maruti Udyog Limited challenged the two existingcompany Hindustan Motor and Premier.     MARKETGROWTH IN CAR INDUSTRY IN INDIA:India is well known Automobile manufacturing industry in the global due its  low cost of production, effortless availableness andaffordable labor and materials and delicate money area unit thesegments that area unit driving amassing business. India is seventh largest manufacturer of automobiles in the world with a yearly production of 23.36 million units and it is anticipated that it would grow 3rdlargest automobile market by total number of unite produced, by 2016.

Vehicle records to 7.1% ofthe country’s grossdomestic product by volume. Asanticipated, over 60 Lakhs vehicles are going to be sold yearly in India, by 2020.

 Automobile spare parts business achieved a massive of US$ 41 billion in fiscalyear 2014-15 and it is anticipated to achieve 110.7 billion by 2020. Populationexplosion, extensive expanding of middle class is the cause for the growth ofautomobile industry in India.

 A research explains current condition of India andforecast the progress of its industry. An survey tells aboutthe  progress, latest trend, growth, competitive,government rules and regulation, use of advance technology, advancementappraise, note worthy associations, best in school associations andventures etc cetera withinthe Automobile Sector of India.Despite it, the report in like manner talks regarding fund conditionsof and future guess of its current money circumstance and impact ofits gift approach changes in to its economy,reasons and suggestion on the advancement of this half.Finally, the survey is divided by numerous types of Minerals andMetals open within the country.

MAJORPLAYER AND MARKET SHARE OF CAR INDUSTRY IN INDIA:MAJORPLAYER IN INDIA1.   MarutiSuzuki India Limited (MSIL)MarutiSuzuki India is number one car manufacturer in India. Establish its expeditionin February 1981 as Maurti Udyog Limited, the industry made history in theIndian car advertise with its immensely mainstream four-wheeler display Maruti800.

Maruti Suzuki turned into the main Indian car industry to produce onemillion vehicles in 1994. The organization progressed toward becoming MarutiSuzuki India Limited on September 17, 2007.  Maruti’snormal earning for the end of the calendar year 2010-11 is US$7.13 billion. InSeptember 2009 Maruti sold 83,306 units of vehicles, contrasting with 71,000units around the same time in the earlier year (success rate of 17.3%). Itlikewise traded 11,712 units amid September 2009, contrasting with 6,318 unitsaround the same time in the earlier year (success rate of 85.4%).

2.   HyundaiMotor India Limited(HMIL)Hyundai Motor India Limited,established in 1998 and an auxiliary of Korean auto mammoth Hyundai MotorCompany, is the second biggest automobile producer in India. It is additionallynation’s biggest traveler auto exporter. Hyundai Motor came near the hearts ofthe Indian auto sweethearts through its lead show Santro.After the retreat, Hyundai Motorsaw a success rate of 25% in the home market. In September 2009, HMIL sold53,804 cars, contrasting with 46,218 cars in September 2008. In the home market,it sold 27,803 cars in September 2009, contrasting with 22,311 in September2008. The Foreign transaction in a similar period also went up by 9% as it sold26,001 units during September 2009, contrasting with 23,907 units in that monthin the earlier year.

 3.   TataMotorTata Motors is the biggest vehicle organization ofAsia headquartered in Mumbai, India. Yearly Projected income for 2010-11 is US$27.629 billion. It also the leader of the commercial vehicle segment.

TataMotors appreciates 31.2%             of shares accumulated in the multi-utilityvehicles, in luxuary car section, it has accumulated 6.4% share. The greaterpart of the Tata Motors’ vehicles are sold primarily in India and more than 4million vehicles have been manufactured locally inside India.Tata sold 52,531 units of vehiclesin September 2009, contrasting with 49,647 units in September 2008 (a successof 6%).

In local market, Tata Motors sold 49,650 units in a similar period,contrasting with 45,234 units in September 2008.


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