Indus River Valley Essay

The Indus River Valley The people in the Indus River Valley followed the same set of rules and had very organized cities which allowed them to live for 1000 years. The Indus River Valley took place in India. India was east of the Fertile Crescent and had two large cities. India was 900 miles long and 250 miles wide. Some reasons why a great civilization between 2500 B. C – 1500 B. C thrived there was the advanced nature of arts, science, religion, and culture.

One reason why a great civilization thrived there was the arts that they had. In the Indus River Valley there were craft makers.They made jewelry and decorated pottery. Games in India at this time were made out of stones. The men at this time worked at a farming place or crafts place. They either made pots or jewelry. The men also were running the country as their job.

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The sons of the fathers had to learn what their father was doing and the generation was being passed down. The potters in the city of Mohenjo Daro made their pottery from wheels not from their hands. The seal makers in this city usually put animals or people as a design on the seals. There was also the economics that was a reason. People started to trade and live in larger groups.They traded food and raw material for making things. Pottery, jewelry, gold, and wood were also traded. Decorated pots were often traded along the Indus River.

Towns near the coast often became trading towns because they were the closest to the water where there were boats to trade things. Another reason why a great civilization thrived there was the sciences they had. The people in the Indus River Valley had baked mud bricks. With these mud bricks they made shelter, drains, wells, walls, and cities. This was brick technology.

In India there was a lower town and upper town.In the lower town there was a large walled area of small houses that were all similar. Ordinary people lived here and worked around here. There was also another place called the upper town. The upper town was built on a high mound of earth looking town on the lower town and the land around it. They had higher walls and much bigger buildings.

This was where the most important people lived. It was also where people who ran the city lived and worked. Water was also an important source at this time.

India was the first people to have the system of drains and sewers in their cities.Some houses also had their own wells and there were public wells on the main streets on India. The city of Mohenjo Daro had a great bath for their people. It was waterproof and was strong enough to stand the pressure of the water on the bricks when the bath was full. The houses were at least two stories high.

They had courtyards and their roofs were built with mud bricks. Walls were plastered with a thin layer of clay. A third reason why a great civilization thrived there was the religion. In their religion water and bathing was important to them. There were special religious festivals that were run by priests.They prayed at shrines and they worshiped different kinds of Gods. The Indian civilization was similar to the ancient civilization. They believed in terra-colta which was a goddess that made the crops grow every year.

They also believed in life after death and buried people in the best clothes with things they might need after life. The most important people were buried with the best jewelry and the most pots and containers. Most people were buried lying straight with their hands pointing and their feet pointing south. Women wore bracelets on their left arms.They also believed in keeping clean was very important and bath/buildings were used for religious ceremonies. The fourth reason why a great civilization thrived there was because of the culture.

The people were called Harappans. They had a form of writing but no one could translate it. There were also families. The women of the household looked after the houses and brought up their children.

They taught girls how to raise a family and run a house of their own. They grew cotton to make clothes. Each person had a different way of dressing up depending how important they were.Seals were their first sign of writing in the Indus Valley. The Harappans made most of their dishes from clay. In conclusion, a great civilization thrived in the Indus River Valley. Arts, sciences, culture, religion, and economics are very important to their civilization because this is what helped them to survive. I think that there were many more reasons why there was a great civilization in the Indus River Valley.

I also think that the people of the Indus knew what they were doing and they had a form of writing which they understood and this is what made them a great civilization that thrived in the Indus River Valley.


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