Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Indonesia’s right to moral leadership Possibility of

Indonesia’s right to moral leadership Possibility of

Naming of Navy Ships

In 2014, Indonesia named a new frigate KRI
Usman Harun after two Indonesian marines executed in 1968 for a 1965
terror attack on MacDonald House in Orchard Road that killed three and
injured 33
Part of Konfrontasi terror attacks and
military action targeted at malaysia (singapore was part of malaysia at
that time)
Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty
Natalegawa told the Singapore media that “no ill intent was meant, no
malice, no unfriendly outlook”
Singapore refused clemency appeals from
Indonesia for the two marines who were trialed for murder and sentenced to
death row. Pardoning them would have been to concede to the proposition
that the small must always defer to the big, irretrievably compromising
our sovereignty
The episode of aggression towards its
neighbours was a consequence of a powerful, self righteous thrust of
Indonesian nationalism & widespread belief that because of its size,
it has a right to moral leadership

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Possibility of a world war:

Nuclear weapons

North Korea

South Korea, Japan and the United States have condemned North
Korea for launching four ballistic missiles on Monday (Mar 6) morning,
three of which Japan said landed in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ).
Mr Abe told reporters: “The latest launches of ballistic missiles
clearly demonstrate evidence of a new threat from North Korea.”
South Korea’s Acting President Hwang Kyo Ahn lambasted North
Korea’s missile launches in a national security meeting on Monday
morning. “This is an act of outright defiance to the international
society and a serious provocation,”
NK has declared that its nuclear tests have given it the
capability to create hydrogen bombs that can wipe out the whole
territory of US all at once
“The test was neither to ‘threaten’ anyone, not to ‘provoke’ someone for a certain purpose”, Korean
Central News Agency (KCNA) said, adding that the purpose of the test was
to provide a “sure guarantee” that hostile outside forces
would not attack the North.


South China Sea conflict

China, Vietnam, the
Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei fighting over sovereignty of ocean
areas and 2 island chains: Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands
Island chains have
reserves of natural resources around them
Sea is a major
shipping route and home to fishing grounds
UN Convention Law of
the Sea (UNCLOS): China’s expansive claims to much of the South China Sea
were not valid under international law
But China rejected
the verdict within hours of its publication — does not accept or
recognise it


World war may not happen:

Soft power

Term coined by Joseph
Defined as a
persuasive approach to international relations, typically involving the
use of economic or cultural influence
Soft power rests on 3
resources: culture, political values and foreign policies
E.g. South Korea
Hallyu Korean wave

Engage with masses
of young people to reduce anti-Korea sentiment
Thru entertainment
President Park Geun
Hye has included attending Kpop music festivals as part of her state
visits to foreign countries e.g. Mexico and Paris
“KCON Paris 2016”
was eld during President Park’s state visit to France to celebrate 130
years of diplomatic relationship between both countries
Other countries more
likely to give it support in terms of political solidarity; a useful
counter-balance vis-à-vis (in relation to) North Korea


Regional diplomacy and international governing

Have the right to
step in and act as a mediator to prevent it from escalating into a world
organisations pledge to maintain peaceful relations with each other
Association of South
East Asian Nations (ASEAN) comprises of 10 states in the Southeast Asian
region, which signed the treaty of Amity and Cooperaoin at the First
ASEAN Summit on 24 Feb 1976

Agreed on the
settlement of differences and disputes peacefully, renunciation of
threat or use of force and effective peaceful relations

organisations e.g. UN

Peacekeeping and
peacebuilding relations
UN came into being
in 1945, after the devastation of WWII