Individual Privacy vs. National Security Essay

On September, 11, 2001, the united states where under attacked my terrorist that have been living in America for many years. They went to flight school and were trained by Americans, so they needed a new way to strike so that puts the wars of the past into new category then from the wars of years past. So the government went into action on the USA Patriot act to take down terrorism in those countries that have weapons of mass destruction.This act gave the government the power to spy on American to see every and anything from Cell phone records and electronic financial to see it you if you were send money to those countries that do acts of terrorism.

Different newspaper organization were put out there that president order the NSA to secretly spy on American citizens on their privacy. There was a need to look at the basics on what the government was spy on so there are many points cell phone record, financial and email.There different people have different takes on the government position on why it need to be done but understand is why not tell the American people it does violate are right to privacy under the law. The only way to give a clear view of populace stance on both side of the spectrum is too give the opinions and writing of other forms of the media in the way that mainstream America formulates their opinion on the issue. So we will go into both sides on what the American people say and the government stance on the issues at hand.Most people agree that under the USA Patriot act that there are not enough check and balances.

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America people are not comfortable with government invading their privacy. The Atlanta Journal constitution (2006) post an article on the secret things that The NSA where doing Michael Hayden was said on record that “NSA often gets FISA warrants for wiretaps. NSA employees also listen in on conversations without such warrants if they suspect links to terror groups”.

Meaning that the government can go listen to any conversation that me and ou are having at any given time. So is the government doing much more then just listening or is that their way of spying on American rights (P. A1) The Bush administration has a surveillance program that’s going to be challenged in a federal court involving American civil rights. The American Civil Liberties Union argues in court that without warrants that wiretapping violates the U. S. Constitution. NSA was coming under fire from the saying that the constitutional protections of American personal freedoms were being violated.President Bush would have to pled his case that he is trying to protect the country from terrorist attack that his mean is Justified (P.

A1) The Fourth Amendment Of the constitution does prohibits “unreasonable Searches and seizures” so you do need probable cause. During Nixon Administration they did abuse the use of wiretaps that did create courts that you had to issue warrants. They prove their case for probable causes. The federal courts have covered up the NSA program cause of its highly classified operations (P. Al) End this article the government pretty explain their case why the search email and phone calls coming in and out the United states to protect the American people like it said you cannot protect anybody if you are dead. Believe that the did the right thing by going in and using Surveillance when needed. Since September 11, their as been a strained of different idea on how to protect our country there was an idea of implementing national ID cards that would likely help control of the different criminals and would prove the citizenship of other.

Most American are not ready for this next step feeling like the government is in are privacy enough as it is. The trading of ID card would lower are privacy and focus on other issue. The bush Administration made a statement that we don’t need a type of card; intelligence agencies can get the same information without going that route. Allowing law enforcement and Intelligence agencies can achieve the same goals. But we are a nation of database that we gather, store and trade Information about Individuals daily lives.The government can take a playbook out of The Corporate world on database. Heather green (2001) would the government be able to implement a system of database, and why have other countries avoided this path. Saying that commercial databases are a particularly American heritage, why could not accept an offer like this we do it anyway with credit cards company and health insurers, and airlines.

So a huge system of commercial databases has been created. In 2005 the federal government want to reform and would you use your driver license doubling as your ID card for when you broad planes.So the new federal standard as made old debate coming back alive again trying to make it hard for invasion of terrorism on American grounds. But people are arguing that the government ready track you enough social security and driver’s and tax number so how much more tracking do we need. So you can’t go to a bank without showing two form of ID ready, when you get stop by the police you have to show ID and insurance if do not you can go to jail. This for the government to track people even more thought out your life when you go into the you like to shop or on the internet.Is their away in government to find a workable ground in the middle for both parties to be happy so that the American people don’t feel like their life is being taken away from them after this is the land of the free or is it on free until a point that they say that it is. So the suppose close loopholes for identity fraud for terrorists to get on are planes and use them to attack us it help control who is on a plane and see if anybody is on the terrorists watch list.

The law is also aim to standardize and documents of information that drivers present to get a license which mean that you go into a database where they can track anything you get permission to handle. (A. 4) So state have the choose not partake in the new law but the driver’s license would be invalid in that state could use ID at other check point around the country. So they made license machine reader, readable so that they would be able to see if it fake or not. State sharing information with the federally mandated and standardized procedures would make the exchange. A.

4) That we can create a database to protect are nation people so that were not making them feel like we are taken away their right to choose and accepts from the government. Government is trying to find a way to control American without having to go thought just my using the September 11, attacks that why American we have to watch closely at what the government is doing with are time and money. Back 1994 the Clinton administration want to proposal a clipper chip that would private encryption technology that would be in bed with a voice and data communications.

This would have a legal way for the united states government to monitor voice and data communications this allow government agencies to detect criminal in other nation that want to do harm to the U. S. (p79) Does this violates the right of the First Amendment of the American people the U. S. supreme court justice Brandeis (1994) “ defined the right of privacy in dissenting opinion as the right to be let alone—the most comprehensive of rights and the most valued by men.The Supreme Court also recognized the right of the First Amendment’s and the right of the Fourth Amendment’s so the freedom of association and protection under unreasonable search and seizure (p79). Again (2002) the United States Patriot act was giving the government more right to investigate the apprehending of terrorists, and how internet use will be affect. So that they can now go in and use this tool to surveillance the American and what they are doing the legal way the Clinton administration tried some 9 years early to see what American are sending and it did not work for him in the court of law.

p37) The new law steps up electronic surveillance of the internet see all traffic that is going on between American and other countries that we are sending information that they can go in and stop transactions at their discretion if they feel it’s in the harm of the country. So they can just show up at your doorstep and you can’t do anything about. Again is this way for them to control but they just need a reason to go in and look at are right and say you have no right without being communist.The USA patriot act is a very complex and powerful it gives the government the power to the definition of terrorism and increases the penalties for terrorism. This act give more powerful tool to the government can use to see more into are email, text messages, search inquiry that we think are private that they can see. This new type of surveillance Implication means that you have no privacy on the Internet. So if a person is planning on building a bomb and start to research that online that will start to track other stuff you may think of doing like so that they can get you on a lot of chargers.

So they have to make sure that they have solid suspicion to go up inside your house. The Patriot Act use a pen-register so that they can trap and trace order this techniques that they have design back in the 1960 and 1970 in the telephone. (p37) Surveillance now applies to net communications they can gather more than just on a telephone line. The new law does open the door for the increased traffic to track email and movement on the web. With this law they don’t need state probable cause for why they need to look into your work.

This act allows them to wiretap any phone line without showing probable cause monitor anything with a line to it. (p37) So this acts loosely conferring the broad act of wiretaps giving then the authority to listen on any suspect communication that is going on at any giving time. So if they believe that a terrorist was internet in a public place the investigators can monitor all of the e-mail and web browsing going on at that location. The national security depends on improved electronic surveillance to prevent terrorist attacks in the future. p37) My finding where clear that the government for years has been trying to find ways to secretly spy on the American people and for year. They did not have valid reason to do so the most famous was the Nixon administration during the “water gate” scandal when they, where wiretaps on the American people their phone call with the phone line.

The Supreme Court had to come in and said that it violates the first and fourth amendment right of the people Let them know that it’s unreasonable search and seizure.Then again in the Clinton administration they try to use clipper chip that would use when people using the internet that they could spy on voice and data communications, Encryption technology that would be use but that not work either. Finally with the bush Administration they were able to pass a law under the USA Patriot Act that give them the power and other agencies to into every from banking, phone-line, and email.

September 11, as let’s we know that moving forward that we do not have any privacy that government can look at anything anytime they wanted too.


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