Indication Of Barium Enema Examination Biology Essay

A lower GI series, Ba clyster.

It is a medical process used to analyze and name the job of the human big intestine.Barium clyster scrutiny is used to name jobs that consequence big bowel, so the colon filled with Ba contrast stuff to do the bowel seeable on as x-ray image.Contrast stuff called Ba is inserted through a tubing into the rectum.Barium filled colon will demo up clearly on the x-ray image.The scrutiny evalustes the right or go uping colon, the transverse colon, the left or falling colon, the sigmoid colon and the rectum.The appendix and part of the distal little bowel may besides included.An X ray is a noninvasive medical trial that helps doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions.The lower GI piece of land uses a particular signifier of X ray called fluoroscopy and contrast stuff called Ba or a H2O soluble iodized contrast.

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Fluroscopy makes it possible to see the internal variety meats in motion.The radiotherapist able to see and name the anatomy and map of the rectum, colon andpart of the lower little bowel when the lower GI piece of land filled with Ba.


Barium clyster is used to except disease of the colon such as colorectal cancer.Barium clyster has been used to measure other conditions such as,Appendicitis, Colorectal adenoma ( harmless tumours ) , Colonic diverticula ( doggies or pouch in the colon ) , Crohn disease, Severe diarrhea/Toxic megacolon, Gross hemorrhage ( lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage ) , Ulcerative inflammatory bowel disease


Toxic megacolon-double contrast medium is non suited and unsafe.Pseudomembranous inflammatory bowel diseaseIncomplete intestine readyingPatient infirmityRecent Ba repast

Contrast MEDIA

Barium sulphate is the most common type of positive-contrast media used for the Ba enema.The scope for a standard mixture used for individual contrast is between 15 % -25 % weight-to-volume ( W/V ) .The thicker Ba used for dual contrast Ba clyster has a weight-to-volume contraction between 75 % and 95 % or higher.


The blending direction as supplied by the maker should follwed precisely.

The cold H2O is reported to hold an anaesthetic consequence on the colon and increase keeping of the contrast media.Temperature is used to fix the Ba sulphate is ( 40-45F ) .If we used the hot H2O may blister the mucosal liner of the colon because of the Ba sulphate produces a colloidal suspension.


Miller disposable clyster tube.If the patient is incontinent, it is allowable to utilize a tubing with an inflatable cuff.However, its usage should be confined to such instances owing to the addition hazard of perforation.The other equipment used for this scrutiny consists of a radiographic tabular array, an x-ray tubing and a telecasting like proctor that is located in the examining room.

Whwn used for sing images inreal clip ( fluoroscopy ) , the image intensive ( which convert X raies into video images ) is suspended over a tabular array on which the patient lies.The image captured on the movie.


Since the coming of the colonoscope ( endoscope of the colon ) , Ba clyster surveies are less common.However, it still has a function to play if there is a alteration in intestine wonts, transition of blood in the stools.Unexplained abdominal hurting, chronic irregularity and as a complement to other investigations.Barium clyster is done in some instances where the colonoscope unable to measure the colon wholly for assorted grounds.

( remarkably & A ; acirc ; ˆ?tortuous & A ; acirc ; ˆ™route of the colon ) .There is besides a important cost difference between colonoscope and Ba clyster examination.Barium clyster is more affordable.Advantage of a colonoscope is the ability to execute a biopsy should any abnormalcy be seen.When there is a pronounced narrowing of the colon or malignant neoplastic disease of the colon, a Ba clyster may able to demo the whole colon and the presence of multiple malignant neoplastic diseases better.

The range may hard to go throughing thought the narrowed part, while Ba sulphate solution can dribble past the narrowing.A detailed Ba clyster scrutiny may uncover big intestine narrowing, ulceration, or lesions such as a polyp or a tumour.



Intestine must be wholly empty.Patient is advised to take merely soft diet or a liquid diet for two yearss prior the examination.Patient besides required to take a laxative ( Magnesium citrate ) the eventide before the scrutiny to cleansing the bowel.

Patient is advised to fasting the dark before scrutiny. State the physician if the patient have insulin-dependent diabetes, so that the physician can set up for the best clip to the patient to halt feeding and for the trial to be done.Before scrutiny, radiographer will explicate the process clearly to the patient.Radiographer will supply infirmary gown to patient.Patient is instructed to take all the artefact such as jewelry, belt and so on to forestall the movie image from harm.If the patient is a adult female of childbearing silver, radiographer will inquire the patient whether she is pregnant or not.

It is of import for the patient to state radiographer the day of the month of last catamenial period and whether there is a opportunities may be pregnant.

DURING THE Examination

Inside the x-ray room, patient is asked to lie on a tilting tabular array attached to a roentgenoscope which is an x-ray unit combined with a proctor screen.Radiographer will take a X ray of the patient venters to do certain the patient & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s intestine is clean and good prepared for the scrutiny.Radiographer will have on a rectal baseball mitt and enfolds the clyster tip in several sheet of paper towelling ( The ractal tip is good lubricated with a H2O soluble lubricator )Before the scrutiny, the patient is asked to maintain the anal sphincter tightly contracted once more the rectal tubing to keep it to forestall leakage.Then, loosen up the abdominal musculuss to forestall hyper intraabdominal force per unit area and patient is advised to concentrate on external respiration by oral cavity to cut down cramps and cramping.

Patient should be take few deep breaths before existent interpolation of lubricant clyster tip.The entire interpolation of tip is non transcending 3 to 4cm to forestall possible hurt to the colon.Liquid Ba will get down to flux through the enema tip easy into the colon.

It coats the walls of the lower digestive piece of land, projecting shadows that can be seen on the x-ray fim.Air is pumped into the intestine gently to bring forth dual contrast consequence. In a dual contrast scrutiny, the Ba is allowed to run out from the colon leving a coating of the Ba on the inside surface of the colon.

After this air is introduced carefully and under direct fluoroscopy so that a alleviation of the inside liner of the colon is seen.this is necessary as in a collapsed and contracted province, it ia hard to see any abnormalcy of the colon so patient is asked to travel into assorted places on the x-ray tabular arraies so that the different portion of the colon can be x-rayed.Patient must retain the Ba and air until the scrutiny is over.Normally this scrutiny will non take longer than an hr, and if the intestine is good prepared and there are no other factors, it may merely about half an hr.

After the disposal of Ba clyster, the radiographer will take a series of X raies of the big intestines.Image will be observed in the proctor screen to detect the flow of Ba and will be taken throughout the procedure. As the Ba is delivered, radiotherapist will teach the patient to turn from side to side so that can let the Ba to surface at the walls of the colon.Patient instructed to keep breath and remain still during the exposure to keep In the enema.

Once the fims are complete, radiographer will help the patient.Patient will be asked to travel to the lavatory to go through out the Ba and air and clean up if there has been any escape around the anus onto the natess. Radiographer will take another X ray to measure whether any Ba remains.

AFTER THE Examination

The radiogram are read by a qualifield radiotherapist who communicates the determination to the doctor.

the physician will have a study of the findings. The patient stools will be white for a few yearss after the examination.Patient adviced to increase H2O ingestion in the yearss following the scrutinies. Patient can restart normal diet unless they are advised otherwise by the doctor.Patient is advised to eat nutrient with tonss of fibre such as natural fruits and natural veggies.If the patient have any unusual jobs such as shed blooding in stools, abdominal hurting, changeless emesis, chest hurting or any other symptoms.Patient is advised to confer with the physician instantly at the nearest infirmaries.


During the Ba clyster process, the contrast may punch the colon and spill into the abdominal cavity.The liner of the abdominal pit become septic ( Peritonitis ) .The colon may contract or blocked.Dilatation of the colon is uncomfortable, but merely a few patient are feel really painful.Any x-ray scrutiny process involves some hazard of radiation exposure dosage.The tip of enema catheter or dilatation of the colon can perforate the surface of the colon and give rise to infection.This normally occur when inordinate force per unit areaIs used to inculcate the Ba into the colon or diseased colon which is weakened.Pregnant adult female should inform the radiographer as there is a possible hazard of injury to the foetus with radiation exposure.Perforation rate among different types of the clyster are likely due more to perforations that occurred prior to the clyster, and the force per unit area exerted within the colon, instead than from the contrast stuff used.


This ia a verry safe examination.Patient who do non travel their intestine daily, the little sum of Ba that is left within the colon may dry out and irregularity may occur.However if the patient consumes plentifulness of fluids, veggies and fruits, this rarely occurs will be passed out with the normal intestine gestureThe perforation of the big intestine with transition of the Ba outside of the intestine wall into the abdominal cavity.As the scrutiny is done under direct vision of the radiotherapist, such a complication is highly rare and would be treated immediately.A good prepared intestine will guarantee that minimum intestine contents will slop if there is of all time a leak.There is a little sum of radiation is involved in the examination.The possible benefits of this trial far outweigh any hazard.


Computer Tomography ( CT scans ) and ultrasounds are the present yearss trials of pick for the initial rating of abdominal multitudes and colonoscopies are going the standrard for everyday colon showing.Barium enema trial remains utile for placing anatomical abnormalcies in patients with stenosiss of the colon that are excessively little for a colonoscope tp base on balls through for scrutiny intents.


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