India And Satyam In The Global Economy Accounting Essay

The Satyam Computer Services ‘ dirt brought to illume the importance of moralss and societal duty and its relevancy to corporate civilization. The fraud committed by the laminitiss of Satyam is a testament to the fact that “ the scientific discipline of behavior ” is swayed in big by human greed, aspiration, and hungriness for power, money, celebrity and glorification. Scandals from Enron to the recent fiscal crisis have clip and clip once more proven that there is a demand for good behavior based on strong moralss.

In this research paper, we examine in item the gross carelessness of stakeholder concerns and over indulgence of cardinal direction on a personal and organisational degree in immoral patterns for personal benefit. We besides assess the deductions of moralss in the concern environment. We so dig into the ethical quandary faced by the executives at Satyam Finally, we conclude by supplying recommendations for ethical codification of behavior and societal concern taken in organisations and the demand to further a civilization of unity and trust.

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BACKGROUND In order to measure and understand the badness of Saytam ‘s fraud, it is of import to understand factors that contributed to the determinations made by the company ‘s executives. First, it is of import to understand India ‘s economic growing within the context of the planetary economic system. Second, it is necessary to detail the rise of Satyam as a rival within the planetary IT services marketplace.A A . And, eventually, it is helpful to measure the drive force behind Satyam ‘s determinations: Ramalinga Raju.


Brazil, Russia, India and China have solidified their topographic point in the planetary economy.

A A Posited by Goldman Sachs main economic expert, Jim O’Neil, these states, normally referred to as the BRIC Nations, were believed to emerge as the four dominant emerging economic systems of the twentyaˆ?first century. Satyam Computer Services, Ltd. was a lifting star in the Indian outsourced IT services industry.A A The company was formed in 1987 in Hyderbad, India by B.

Ramalinga Raju.A A The house began with 20 employees and grew quickly as a planetary concern. It offers information engineering ( IT ) and concern procedure outsourcing ( BPO ) services crossing assorted sectors, including: aerospace and defence, banking and fiscal services, energy and public-service corporations, life scientific disciplines and health care, fabrication and diversified industrials, public services and instruction, retail, telecommunications and travel.


The Satyam dirt is a authoritative instance of carelessness of fiducial responsibilities, entire prostration of ethical criterions, and a deficiency of corporate societal duty. It is human greed and desire that led to fraud. This type of behavior can be traced to: greed dominating the duty to run into fiducial responsibilities ; ferocious competition and the demand to affect stakeholders particularly investors, analysts, stockholders, andA A the stock market. Greed for money, power, competition, success and prestigiousness compelled Mr.

Raju to “ sit the tiger, ” which led to misdemeanor of all responsibilities imposed on them as fiduciaries – the responsibility of attention, the responsibility of carelessness, the responsibility of trueness, the responsibility of revelation towards the stakeholders.


Numerous factored contributed to the Satyam fraud. “ The independent board members ofSatyam, the institutional investor community, the SEBI, retail investors, and the external hearer aˆ?aˆ? none of them, including professional investors with elaborate information and theoretical accounts available to them, detected the malfeasance. The followers is a list of factors that contributed to the fraud:GreedAmbitious corporate growingDeceptive describing practices-lack of transparenceExcessive involvement in keeping stock monetary valuesExecutive inducementsStock market outlooksNature of accounting regulationsESOPs issued to those who prepared bogus measuresAudit failuresaˆ? Internal & A ; ExternalAggressiveness of investing Bankss, commercial Bankss,Rating bureaus & A ; investorsWeak Independent managers and Audit commission


Employees of Satyam spent dying minutes and insomniac darks as they faced nonaˆ?payment of wages, undertaking cancellations, layoffs and every bit black chances of outside employment. “ They were stranded in many ways – morally, financially, lawfully, and socially.Clients of Satyam expressed loss of trust and reviewed their contracts preferring to travel with other rivals.

Cisco, Telstra and World Bank cancelled contracts with Satyam. “ Customers were shocked and worried about the undertaking continuity, confidentiality, and cost overproduction. ”Stockholders lost their valuable investings and there was uncertainty about resurgence of India as a preferable investing finish. The VC and MD of Mahindra, in a statement, said that the development had “ resulted in incalculable and indefensible harm to Brand India and Brand It in peculiar. ”Bankers were concerned about recovery of fiscal and nonfinancial exposure and recalledFacilities.

Indian Government was worried about its image of the Nation & A ; IT Sector impacting religion to put or to make concern in the county.

Unethical Business Practices

The Satyam cozenage is one more cogent evidence that these yearss there are many companies who blatantlyThrive on unethical behavior and patterns. They seem to make an environment or seek toPromote one where Acts of the Apostless of misdemeanor of norms to accumulate wealth in an unethical mode are practiced with impunity until such clip it comes into the unfastened. Companies like Satyam indulge in the undermentioned activities that come under the scope of unethical pattern:Fall backing to dishonesty, hocus-pocus or misrepresentation.Distortion of facts with a position to misleading or making confusion.

Manipulating executives emotionally by working their exposures.Fall backing to profiteering due to inordinate greed.Over invoicing through false paperss to demo higher net incomes.Using political clout to avoid punishment or compensation for improper act.Lack of transparence and avoiding probe.Damaging the environment by go againsting the authorities prescribed norms for pollution.Fall backing to money laundering.

Deviating through foul agencies from a populace limited company to family-owned concerns.Mistreating the lawfully constituted establishments such as boards of managers, hearers andIndependent managers to accomplish villainous terminals.


Indian concern civilization puts a premium on favours, friendly relationship, and clanship.xlv The Western construct of struggle of involvement does non ever mesh good with the Indian value of loyalty. “ On a quarterly footing, Satyam ‘s net incomes grew.Mr. Raju admitted that the fraud which he committed amounted to about $ 276 million. In the procedure, Satyam grossly violated all regulations of corporate societal duty and corporate administration.

The Satyam cozenage had been the illustration for following hapless administration practices.It had failed to demo good relation with the stockholders and employees. Governance issue at Satyam arose because of non fulfilment of duty of the company towards the assorted stakeholders.

Distinguishing the functions of board and direction ; separation of the functions of the CEO and president ; assignment to the board ; managers and executive compensation ; protection of stockholders rights and their executives. Stockholders ne’er had the chance to give their consent prior to the proclamation of the Matyas trade.Falsified paperss with grossly inflated fiscal studies were delivered to them. Ultimately, stockholders were at a loss – and, cheated.

Surely, inquiries about direction ‘s credibleness were raised in add-on to the nonaˆ?payment of progress revenue enhancements to the authorities. Together, these raise inquiries about Satyam ‘s fiscal wellness.


An ethical job can non be resolved unless it is first recognized as a quandary. “ Reward or penalty to ethical unity and moral bravery make up one’s mind the act of an person. “ l The being of regulations, policies, occupation descriptions and cultural norms will deter persons from unethical behaviour even if they have a lame moral sense. But, in the presence of unethical organisational civilization and construction, even extremely moral persons may go corrupt.

The civilization at Satyam, particularly dominated by the board, symbolized such an unethical civilization. In the instance of Mr. Raju, Satyam, as the smallest of the large four participants, was under force per unit area to demo extraordinary consequences in order to last. Apart from that there was greed, possibly foolhardy greed, doing the brothers to indulge in illegal and unethical activities.On one manus, his rise to stardom in the corporate universe coupled with huge force per unit area to affect investors made Mr. Raju a compelled leader to present outstanding consequences. On the contrary, Mr. Raju had to stamp down his ain ethical motives and values in favour of the greater good of the company.

The board connived with his actions and stood as a blind witness. But, in the terminal, truth is sought and those go againsting the legal, ethical, and social norms are taken to undertaking.The public confession of fraud by Ramalinga Raju speaks of unity still left in the person. His credence of guilt and incrimination for the whole debacle shows a bright topographic point of an otherwise tampered character. After discontinuing as Satyam ‘s Chairman, Raju said, “ I am now prepared to subject myself to the Torahs of land and face effects thereof. ” Mr. Raju had many ethical quandary to face, but his relentless immoral concluding brought his ain death.


Satyam ‘s fraud spurred the authorities of India to fasten corporate norms to forestall return of similar frauds in future. The authorities took action to protect the involvement of the investors and safeguard the credibleness of India and the state ‘s image across the universe. It has forced the authorities to reaˆ?write corporate administration regulations and fasten the norms for hired comptrollers. Some of the ordinances include publicity of stockholders ‘ democracywith protection of rights of minority stockholders, responsible selfaˆ?regulation with equalrevelation and answerability and lesser authorities control over internal corporate procedures,voluntary corporate administration codification, an establishment of mechanism for whistle blowers, and a cap at 10 per centum on the grosss coming from a individual client to an audit house.

Promoters should be prohibited from interfering in the enlisting of independent managers. Independent managers should hold challenging, skilled ID ‘s, who have clip to give to the concern, instead than good known faces. Extra lessons include holding an effectual ‘whistle blower policy ‘ in topographic point, instruction on ethical values, standards for wage to identify forces, and strengthening of quality reappraisal.


Lasting solutions can merely be found by transforming human consciousness through an innersubject and higher moral logical thinking. A company can construct sustainable competitory advantagethrough moralss, values, excellence, quality, societal duty and human development. Anintegrated, value based vision of leading and administration will travel along in making corporateadministration. A transformed organisational civilization which pays highest attending to ethicalbehavior and moral values will beef up sustainable roots of the company.

Transparency andeffectual auditing and regulative cheques through internal and external hearers and monitoringbureaus will assist set up long permanent credibleness for any company. Companies should garnerfeedback, step effectivity, and continually better their codification of behavior. They everdistinguish between chances and enticements. No affair what heights a individual mayrange, character must be maintained at any cost. Companies must take a measure back whenpresented with ambitious determinations and persons must listen to “ the small voice in theircaput ” in following with jurisprudence and to their bosom in covering with people.

When doing corporatedeterminations, it is of import to non lose sight of the person ‘s ethical logical thinking.Personal moralss, selfaˆ?discipline, and high moral logical thinking are critical to avoiding unethicalbehaviour. Some of the advantages of these elements include avoiding unethical behaviour,executing fiducial responsibilities, and deciding ethical quandary. But such personal moralss may set aindividual in direct struggle with bing corrupt bureaucratic systems, increased ethical quandary,and exposure to emphasize and intense emotional force per unit area.

Transparency in fiscal coverage as a moral responsibility and ethical behavior is besides really of importfor companies to adhere to in order to continue ethical criterions. Benefits from suchbattle include higher trust and trueness from stakeholders, increased good will, and higherinvestor assurance. Absolute transparence may take to disclosure of favourable andunfavourable public presentation which in bend may ensue in loss of investor assurance and inability topull new capital.

It is besides of import for companies to set up an organisational civilization which supports ethical behavior through a codification of behavior and decently laid out corporate administration policies and processs. Advantages of this attack include furthering ethical behaviour from employees, increased interior subject, and supplying value based corporate vision. However, such a civilization will add new struggles of involvement, rigorous conformity with regulations and ordinances and excess supervising.


Social duty and Corporate administration model demands to be implemented in missive every bit good as spirit.

The increasing rates of white collar offenses demands stiff punishments and penalty. The little deformations created by few immoral executives lad far making negative effects. Hopefully, making an consciousness of the big effects of little prevarications may assist some ton avoid this trap.


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