Independence Speech Essay

Fellow teachers, staff and friends, have you ever put yourself in an independent student’s shoes? Being independent means that you have a lot more responsibilities than usual, things are not given to you anymore – you have to research, structure and present whatever subject you’re based on – your time is pressed up and you have to roughly consider the tasks at hand. However, being independent helps you improve your abilities; have more confidence in your own skin, as well as you are able to think outside the box in most situations.

You can take control over your own interests, explore and share them with other people. You can make your own rules and empower yourself with the idea that you’re the sole controller of what happens. This might sound slightly pompous, but isn’t it honorable to feel like your own leader once in a while? Being independent improves your inner-self; being independent means to be yourself, think for yourself and express yourself! Freedom: the power to determine action without restraint.Independence is the freedom from the influence, control, support, of others. “If you can be self-reliant and do things on your own, figuratively and metaphorically, then you’re in charge of your destiny and are a stronger person as a result. ” Teachers should help us become more confident, have more opportunities to do independent work and find our true characters. This will help both the staff and the student be a more successful community.

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I guess you’re wondering how being independent helps you in the future.Let me tell you this: If we, students, are not trained to be independent now, how are we supposed to be our best in the future, for example when we apply for a job, in an interview or when we present a speech? Helping us to become self-confident will improve both the quality of our school and our own future. How many of you, peers, are afraid to stand up in front of people and say your own ideas, your own improvements, your own opinions? Do you agree that helping us being independent is not just a benefit for us, but for everybody involved in this community?As I said before, teachers are responsible for how, what and for how much we learn; us being independent being the key that helps the teachers in making their job easier, as well as it helps out younger students by giving them a good example of how they should learn to become. Only, and only teachers could help us increase our confidence and let us take control of our own likes. We should have more independent lessons where we can choose the topic WE want to study about, of course respecting the environment, but with the thought of liberty, which means a lot to us, students.

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