Increase Tourism Activity In Czech Republic Tourism Essay

The Czech Republic is located in the center of Europe. The geographics of Czech Republic is covering an country of 78.

864sq kilometer. It consist two part which is Bohemia and Moravia and 13 administrative territories and Prague The capital of the state is Prague. Prague is a largest metropolis in Czech Republic. The boundary lines of the Czech Republic are Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria.

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Germany is located on the West of Czech Republic, Poland is located on the North, follow by E is Slovakia and the South of the Czech Republic is Austria. The population of the Czech Republic is 10.3million of peoples. Most of the cultural groups are Czech which is 9.6 million, Slovak is 193000, Roma is 200000, Silesian is 11000, Polish 52000, German is 39000, Ukrainian is 22000, and Vietnamese is 40000. Most of the faiths are Roman Catholic and Protestant.

In Czech Republic, the two prima athleticss games are the association football and the ice hockey. These two athleticss are the chief attractive force and attending of the media and protagonists. There are other athleticss like hoops, volley-ball, tennis, kickball and etc.Czech Republic is celebrated in the association football because the association football squad of Czech Republic is one of the strong squad in universe cup.

This is able to pull the association football fans to pay visit to Czech Republic.The ice hockey is besides the celebrated athletics in Czech Republic. Those who enjoy the ice hockey games could merely travel travel in Czech Republic. Czech Republic really does hold the conference games of ice hockey and association football within the state which pulling tonss of attending by locals and besides other Europe states.

3.2 Transportation in Czech Republic

Prague tube is the 6th busiest metro system in Europe and it is by and large built by the Soviet which uses the old criterion turn overing stock. In the metropolis of Prague, there has been estimated more than 500 million rail users use Prague tube in every twelvemonth and it has been recognized the most convenient rapid theodolite system.

It provides clean, fast and efficient services to the rail users. Prague tube operating hours are among 5.00am in the forenoon and midnight daily. It does non run during the dark. For those travelers who like to bask Prague ‘s night life, they will hold to go by cab, ropeway and coach services.For a individual basic ticket, it costs 26 CZK for a 75 proceedingss ride.

Nevertheless there is besides a bound of non transportation ticket costs which is 18 CZK for a 30 proceedingss ride. Travelers besides can buy a three twenty-four hours ticket valid for 72 hours which consists of 330 CZK per ticket. In this ways, for those travelers who have it in head to remain in Prague for more than three yearss are more economical and more appropriate.( hypertext transfer protocol: // )


3 Economic in Czech Republic

Tourism industry plays a really of import function in Czech Republic economic. “ This industry employees is more than 110,000 people – over 1 per centum of the population ” , on-line

Last accessed 8 Feb 2010. Beside this, as refer to appendixes 2 ; the figure of people employed in touristry is 240,000 at 2006. It shows us how of import of touristry industry to Czech Republic economic.

Refer to appendixes 1, Czech Republic GDP was $ 217.2 billion at 2008. The GDP growing rate was 6.8 % at 2006, 6 % at 2007 and 3.9 % at 2008. Obviously, the GDP of Czech Republic is increasing but the increasing scope is non every bit much as the old twelvemonth. It might be related with planetary economic crisis.Refer to appendixes 2 ; GDP generated from touristry is 98.

964 billion which is translates into a part of 3 % to the Czech Republic ‘s GDP at 2006. in other words, Czech Republic should development their touristry industry in order to gain gross from alien.In Czech Republic, foreign visitants can be divided into 3 chief groups which is day-trippers, tourers and those people who want to pass through in Czech Republic. Day-trippers they do n’t remain dark at Czech Republic.

Normally they merely spent 1 twenty-four hours in Czech Republic. It is really common in European state. tourer will pass more than 1 dark but the other remainder is merely pass by merely.Tourist is the group who spent the most in Czech Republic. They spent 91.

3 billion Crowns in 2006. Following come day-trippers they spent 19.7 billion and the last one are those transit people. They spent 7.6 billion in Czech Republic.The touristry industry benefit for Czech Republic economic but in the other ways, Czech Republic economic besides can be a attract point for visitant. Czech Republic has celebrated herbal spirits, mineral H2O and Pilsner manner beer.

These can be a production to pull people visit Czech Republic and increase concern trips. The Czech Republic can be a attractive finish for alien investing.The exchange rates of Czech Republic koruny ( CZK ) per US dollar is 25.7 on 2004, 23.957 on 2005, 22.596 on 2006, 20.53 on 2007, 17.064 on 2008.

The exchange rate is diminishing twelvemonth by twelvemonth.The Czech Republic is one of the states on Eastern Europe. The neighborhood state of it is Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Germany.

The exchange rate of Poland per US dollar is 3.016. The exchange rate of Slovakia per US dollar is 22.

073. The exchange rate of Austria per US dollar is 1.158. The exchange rate of Germany per US dollar is 1.433. By the manner the common currency in Germany is changed to Euro. ( Online, www. Last accessed 8 Feb 2010. )


4 Modern Technology

Presents, about all of the touristry concerns in Czech Republic are utilizing Modern Technologies. This modern engineering is applied to heighten the belongings protection and safety and security of the invitee, and the service quality. Other than this, it besides change the ways of communicating and merchandise publicity. In the 60 ‘s of the last century, most of the adjustment and nutrient service are started to use by utilizing this system.

Franchising is really fast to distribute out this engineering. The precursors of franchising in adjustment and nutrient services were Holiday Inn and McDonald ‘s. The system consist the proprietor of design, trade name and logo to sell the right to utilize the trade name, particular engineerings, good-will and know-how design by the holder of the trade name to a concern spouse. This concern relation is an independent trades, or a company and a franchisee, all is based on a regulation and ordinance of the contract of the franchising between franchisor and franchisee.Beside, this modern engineering in conveyance services is besides well-develop. The conveyance services well to cut down the clip needed to acquire to a far finish and wholly changed the system of communicating and reserve between the travel ‘s bureaus and the tourer. Travel bureaus besides take this new advantageous of used Global reserve and information systems bit by bit spread to the air hoses companies same to the route conveyance and sea conveyance every bit good.

Other than that, adjustment installations and presently we can run into them even in supplying athletics, civilization and recreational services every bit good.( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

3.5 Cycle Tourism

Cycle touristry is one of the well known attractive forces in Czech Republic and it has been dining recently. Harmonizing to the study by Czech touristry, the current rates of the cycling paths are spread outing and there is now more than 37,000 kilometer of bike paths and trails which located in Czech Republic.

For the paths of international significance, it has the entire length of about 2,500km. Czech Republic had a alone denseness of taging rhythm paths in Europe. Prague is one of the greatest densenesss of paths and trails which is 98km per 100 km2. Therefore, if tourers want get to cognize more about cycling, the Czech Tourism are now actively advancing rhythm touristry through ( “ flight from ennui ” ) website where tourers can look into deepness more than 220 tips for the trip every bit good as the high quality map.( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. )

3.6 Medical Tourism

“ Harmonizing to the Forbes conference tabular array, the Czech Republic is one of the top 10 international finishs for medical touristry in 2008 and it is besides popular for moderately priced plastic and decorative surgery ” Online, www. ( Last accessed 27 Feb 2010. )Some abroad patients are besides involvement in dental, orthopedic and birthrate intervention. Some interventions can 30 % to 40 % cheaper than US.

Most of the patients are come from Germany, Austria, Great Britain and Slovakia. Some of female comes to Czech Republic for decorative surgery like chest expansion, eyelid operations and suction lipectomy. Most of them come with specializer travel bureaus. Besides this, dental intervention is another popular intervention in Czech Republic. This state clinic can supply full scope of processs and services. They besides are offering modern techniques and equipment. It could be a particular attractive for patients and increase income of Czech Republic.


7 Swine FluA ( INFLUENZA AA H1N1 ) aˆ‹

The H1N1 the virus foremost detected at April 2009. After that it outbreak began at Mexico and spread at North America and Pacific in a short period.For that ground, Mexico state close most of the Mexico ‘s metropolis populace and private installations.

“ The H1N1 grippe virus has claimed its first victim in the Czech Republic as a adult female died in infirmary in the western metropolis of Karloyy Vary on Thursday, a infirmary spokeswoman told AFD ” “ The Czech Republic, a state of 10.4 million people, recorded its first instance of swine grippe on May 25. The figure of instances had exceeded 300 by October 20 ” Online, www. ( Last accessed 27 Feb 2010.

)But in June 2009, Czech Republic announced that there wo n’t shut any limitations for tourer come ining Czech Republic even those many state are “ taking a interruption ” for their touristry attractive force. Because they worry about human to human contact will distributing H1N1 virus. Tourist can bask the state and its civilization.

3.8 Eco-tourism in Czech Republic

Czech Republic presently advancing ecotourism which include plans that the authorities are now seeking to minimise the negative characteristic of conservative touristry where it leads on to the environment such as preservation of biological diverseness, promoting of energy, recycling and H2O preservation and the publicity of traditional touristry. Due to the effects, Czech has now become an environmental friendly state and rose up the consciousness of greening environment towards the locals and tourers. It has shown the duty of managing the environment of the state and may increase the repute of the state every bit good.



1 Uncontrolled Tourism Development

The uncontrolled touristry development in Czech Republic is one of the negative issue that, such as the faulty policy of administrative organic structures on leting all the activities or development within the state. Czech Republic is the state which full with cultural heritages and environmental. With the uncontrolled touristry development, that may do the desolation of the environment and besides give amendss to all cultural heritages in the state.Since May 2005, EU grew by new states and the Czech Republic was among them. There are some effects of the entree on touristry. All the tourers are able to free motion within the EU, they would merely necessitate an designation card, or passport to go within EU and they do non hold to give grounds for their stay in any state. This might do some impacts to all the EU states because anyone is able to come in any state. Some felons might seek to get away from their state to another state but there is no demand of the limitation every bit long as they have the designation card or passport.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //vz.fmv.vse.

cz/wp-content/uploads/8_2007.pdf )

4.2 Crime issues

Pick pocketing

Czech Republic has low offense rate which is general street offense that largely is a problem for the tourer country in Prague. In Czech Republic, choice pocketing has bred professional accomplishments and has been extremely organized.

In add-on they has besides appear favorite hangouts of cutpurses and scam creative persons in tourist country like Charles Bridge, train Stationss, Wenceslas and Old Town Square. The tourers easy distracted in the crowded country where they are incautiousness that their billfolds and valuables have been stolen. For them to be successful, they have known to be every bit many as six to eight members while runing against the same marks.

Changing money

Changing money in Czech Republic is besides a job for the tourers where they have been cheated by an unknown individual on the street that offers them. These peoples are taking advantage of the unwary tourers. Automated Teller machines ( ATMs ) are normally available all over metropoliss in Czech Republic.

They offer multiple linguistic communication instructions and let accessing U.S bank history. Visitors are advised to try utilizing the machines where is more unafraid which are included topographic points such as commercial Bankss, big hotels and the airdrome.

Thefts & A ; interruption in

Czech Republic chiefly in major metropoliss has been widespread car larcenies and interruption in. Therefore, it is recommended for the tourers to utilize parking garages and anti- larceny devices to avoid unneeded related offenses.

Overcharged by cab driver

Cab in Prague are normally been marked in order to minimise the possibilities of being overcharged. There have been instances where some cab drivers charge the tourers two or three times more than the standard rate.

Due to the people in Czech rarely speak English, there lead to communication interrupt down and will convey out dissatisfaction among each other. For case, tourers are holding bad feeling and felt unsecure while going and easy distribute out rumour to other people. Therefore, visitants are recommended to name the cab early instead than acclaim one on the streets. It is besides advisable that cab should hold obtained a monetary value estimation in progress and ensures that the metre is used.

4.3 Disease

Hepatitis A

There has been describe a rise instances of Hepatitis A in Czech Republic since the beginning of January 2008 boulder clay September 2008.

The study has been shown out by the media that non merely Prague but besides the other metropoliss in Czech Republic. Due to the incident causes in Czech Republic, it has been proven that the per centums of tourer ‘s reaching are somewhat diminishing in twelvemonth 2008. Tourists are scared of holding the unwellness as they are holding their holiday with their household.( hypertext transfer protocol: //

aspx? ArticleId=18997 )

Environmental Issues

Czech Republic has been in issues of lung malignant neoplastic disease where they had suffered from air, H2O and land pollution due to the job where causes by the industry and agribusiness. Air pollution with high degree had causes prevalent in country for lung malignant neoplastic disease. As for the C dioxide emanations, the state had the universe highest industrial where the numbering 135.6 million metric dozenss per twelvemonth, a per capita degree of 13.04 metric ton in the mid -1990.

Topographic points such as Slovak Republic, they had the job of air contaminated by the S dioxide emanations that has causes immense sum of consequence from the usage of brown coal which the utilizations for energy beginning in the former Czechoslovakia. In Europe, Czech Republic had the highest degree of S dioxide emanations. Due to the job, they had conducted a plan where it can assist to cut down pollution in the late eightiess.hypertext transfer protocol: // the issues for Czech Republic have been fall on historical factors such as heavy industrialisation after 1945.

The major that has usage of coal with high per centum of sulfur and ash content with the overall sum about 60 % of energy balance, hebdomad environmental statute law and enforcement, and extremely intensive usage of energy where it can subsidise the energy monetary values and few energy efficiency step.Harmonizing to Velvet Revolution in 1989, the Ministry of Environment which is freshly established has developed the Environmental Recovery Program. The plan had been approved by the authorities in December 1990 and it was the first systematic that is disputing to specify the province environmental policy.hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

5. Action Plan to Increase Tourism Activity in Czech Republic

5.1 Ad

Ad is a really of import measure which will assist to increase touristry activity in Czech Republic. If there is n’t much advertisement, no 1 will cognize about Czech Republic.

Ad helps to advance the state in states that are really far off. It gives people an thought of what Czech Republic is like and assist them acquire a glance of all the beautiful topographic points to see and things to make at that place. Most of the states in Europe will cognize about this state, but for the Asiatic states, some might non even cognize where the Czech Republic is located.The ways in which the state can publicize them better so they bring in more tourers is to publicize their state through commercials which could be circulated within the chief T.

V channels in Asia and other parts of Europe. Their commercials can be brief 1s demoing all the different things they can make, put to see, legion assortments of nutrient to eat etc.Czech Republic could besides publicize themselves through hoardings on the main roads in the states environing them such as Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria.

The hoardings should be in the metropoliss in the chief capitals of those environing states since provinces near the boundary line will most likely go or have gone to Czech Republic a few times already.

5.2 Enforce Laws for payments, grosss and cut down mugging

The Czech Republic has some jobs in footings of payments. Many tourers have complained that they have been cheated of an entryway fee for some of the tourer finishs they have been to in Czech Republic. Even the locals are being ripped off.The payments that are most normally used to rip off tourers and locals would be entrance fee to ferries, edifices and historical memorials. Some of these attractive forces are even free, but some locals have decided to illicitly bear down everyone who comes to see that attractive force.

When this kind of thing happens, the tourers will be turned off and may no long desire to maintain coming to such attractive forces. Word of oral cavity besides travels fast, and the repute of Czech Rep. will be tarnished doing possible tourers change their head or avoid certain countries.The authorities ‘s occupation is to do certain there are Torahs made to protect both locals and tourers from being overcharged for certain services and attractive forces. There should be surveillance camera ‘s around to supervise the activities that go on 24/7 in the most tourer crowded countries. The constabulary should besides set up marks to demo how much the fee costs or possibly they could set a seal or some sort of blessing to demo that the constabulary have made certain the monetary values are consistent. There should besides be security guards posted at the attractive forces so the people can travel up to them and kick if they feel they are being cheated and besides be at that place to supervise the country.Many of the tourers have complained being mugged and pick pocketed on their visit to Czech Republic.

The lone manner junior-grade offenses can be reduced is to do certain the security in the state particularly in crowded countries and attractive force musca volitanss is increased.( hypertext transfer protocol: //

html )Last, there should be Torahs that make the people bear downing entryway or service fees give out grosss for payments person has merely made to hold existent cogent evidence of how much they have been charged with. The surveillance cameras will besides do certain there are fewer offenses committed in public because everyone is being watched all the clip.

5.3 Adding more amusement

Czech Republic has rather a few types of amusements they are good known for such as: opera and symphonic music, theater, marionette shows and so on.

It is great to see many of these shows, but over clip the locals themselves get used to that amusement. The tourers that keep traveling to Czech Republic have besides seen many of these signifiers of amusement clip and clip once more. The lone manner to pull more tourers and maintain the frequent 1s to maintain coming back and the locals entertained is to do more types of amusement available. The authorities could put in doing more promenades that are bigger in size offering amusement for kids and grownups.

This will assist maintain the locals passing more money since they will be given to hang out more frequently in these sorts of articulations. Then there could be more dark nines on offer to allow tourers and even the locals go out more often and let them to hold more merriment up to a ulterior clip.Other signifiers of amusement made could be utmost athleticss for those who like to look for bangs on the unsafe side of life. They could hold bungee jumping, base jumping since Czech Republic is full of mountains and hills. They could besides hold white H2O rafting and possibly do new sorts of activities for people who love the out-of-doorss.Another thing that would really much aid with the influx of tourers would be the creative activity of an ‘Amusement Park ‘ .

An amusement park can convey tonss of tourers non merely from neighboring states but from other European states every bit good. It all depends on how large the amusement park is and how good it is constructed. The authorities could make a immense 1 in the capital metropolis ‘Prague ‘ or several in the busiest parts of the state.This will assist with the internal touristry since the locals wo n’t hold to go forth the state and travel to neighboring states to happen more amusement, therefore assisting the economic system since the money stays within the state and there is less escape of their currency.Besides supplying other sorts of amusement, they could besides better on the 1s they presently have. Like dancing and Opera, they have a batch of shows and festivals that show the same sort of manners throughout the state. So to do things fresh, the one thing they could make is to make newer, more modern and interesting modus operandis which will maintain tourers and the locals on their toes.

5.4 Form Alliances with other states

The Czech Republic ‘s ministry of touristry should organize confederations with their neighbouring states to assist advance the Czech Republic within their states. This will assist tourers traveling to Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia possibly change their head and take an involvement in the Czech Republic. Then all of a sudden decide to travel at that place every bit good even if it was n’t in their original program. The Czech Rep ‘s air hoses could besides offer inexpensive monetary values and circuit bundles if you take their air hoses or one of the other air hoses they have formed confederations with. It ‘s non easy to draw in tourers from all over the universe into 1s ‘ state.

Everyone needs a small aid making that, so by organizing confederations with other hotels, air hoses from different states they non merely profit from Czech Republic, they besides benefit from those states since they work together as a squad and urge each other to tourers doing it cheaper for the tourer to go through the companies in the same squad.


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