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 Incidents and observations help the people in the company to be more aware- If there are frequent incident that occur, more people that work in the company will be more observant to any accidents or incidents that could become a possible illness or emergency.

This would then ensure that more people will see the problems and report them before it is too late, and someone could get hurt in the future.  More people reporting also shows that more people are also observant of the work place, and therefore there won’t be a many major accidents that would happen as all or most of the small incidents would have been sorted out. Taking care of the minor incidents and accidents before they become anything major- In most cases, the incidents or accidents that happen are minor, and mainly result in no injuries or little injuries that will not require taking days off to recover. This is good as it means that nothing major had happened that would require a lot of money to solve, as well as ensuring that the incident or accident will be dealt with before the risks become more dangerous.

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Reporting the smaller problems can also prevent bigger problems from arising in the workplace, as the bigger problems normally occur from little things, such as electric wires left on the floor, or a water spillage. If these two were not reported, therefore meaning that they will still be a risk, they would still be a problem. These two different risks could become a major accident if the electric and the water met; it could result in some dangerous injuries or even death to the people that may have been there at the time of the electric wires connecting with the water.

If more incidents are reported, there is more data to determine what needs to be fixed- This part means that if there are many incidents and accidents that have been reported, it would be easier to determine what the main problems are, and to therefore fix these problems quicker. More reports also show more problems that need to be fixed in the workplace, even small problems that could become worse over time. More incidents being reported are also better than about one or two incidents being reported as they show all the hazards that could be harmful to the workers.Lessons are learned from the incidents that have occurred- If there are many reports that have been made, it shows that the people in the workplace are learning to know when to report any of the problems, and it also shows that they learn to make sure that, that mistake won’t happen again that caused the incident, accident, illness or emergency.

The people that work for that company will also know what to do after any injuries have been produced as they have already been through all of the procedures. 


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