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In the land of the extremes, the unpredictable and the uncontrollable, there is nothing more valuable than ensuring you have adequate health insurance to provide you with safety, security and piece of mind.

Australia’s never-ending opportunities for outdoor adventure makes living on the edge a normalised aspect of our national culture. Combined with our turbulent weather, Australia thus becomes one of the most exciting places to live on the planet – but also one of the most hazardous.┬áNow I’m not saying that living in Australia will make you more prone to danger.

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Because that is certainly not the case. I’m simply pointing out the vast opportunity for all Aussies, regardless of how venturesome they may be, to fall into cases in which health insurance would become beneficial.Extreme and Unpredictable WeatherThe last few weeks and particularly last few years in Australia act as a blaring advertisement for the variable weather we experience in this country. The bush fires currently tearing through Sydney and surrounds are reminiscent of the devastation experienced just a few years ago when the wildfires swept through a tarnished Victoria.

And around this same time in 2010/2011, severe floods and cyclones were raging in Queensland. This plethora of extreme natural disasters, often taking place concurrently around the country, is truly emblematic of Australia’s iconic ballad, ‘I am Australian’:I’m the hot wind from the desert, I’m the black soil of the plainsI’m the mountain and the valleys, I’m the drought and flooding rains.Simply add earthquakes, bush fires and cyclones to the list and the song proves to be spot on. The unpredictable nature of Australia’s weather and expediency with which natural disasters can come about, often means that Aussies all around the country get stuck with unexpected health concerns on top of having to deal with destroyed homes and properties, lost wages and community hardships.

Take one stress out of such an ordeal by simply signing up with the right health insurance to cover your needs.AdventureAustralians are easily some of the most adventurous, open-minded and courageous people on the planet. And with such an incredibly array of outdoor adventure opportunities at our disposal – why wouldn’t we be? Whether it be surfing, rock climbing, white water rafting, trekking, skateboarding, deep sea diving, kite surfing, hang gliding, mountain biking or any deviation therefrom, Australia pretty much has it all. And it would be rare for Australians to have not at least tried one of more of these extreme sports. Our inherent desire for travel and adventure mean that appropriate health care is all the most important for us Aussies.

Being avid national and international travellers sets the protection of our health and wellbeing as what should be one of our foremost concerns. And of course saving money, hassle and stress is often a welcome byproduct of acquiring health insurance!Australia’s incredible outdoors makes us one of the most unique and remarkable countries on the globe. Don’t allow yourself to hold back from experience all that Australia has to offer by avoiding the awaiting adventures simply on account of health concerns. Heath insurance can provide you with security and piece of mind to can tackle our unpredictable weather and great outdoors head on.


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