In that Simon provided the fruit. “Then,

In William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, a group of school boys find themselves stranded on a tropical island. The connections of Simon and Jesus start with his name. Simon is a reference from the Bible, who was one of the disciples. Simon also had a conversation with the pig’s head, the lord of the flies, which is another name for Beelzebub, which is another name for Satan.

Through many occasions, Simon resembles Christ.Simon, like Christ, is portrayed as kind, compassionate, and peaceful. Early in the story he is shown as a provider of food for the littluns.

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Christ provided bread for his people, in the same what that Simon provided the fruit. “Then, amid the roar of bees in the afternoon sunlight, Simon found the fruit they could not reach…

passed them back down to the endless outstretched hands (78). All of the littluns are grateful for Simon’s discovery, like how God’s people were thankful when he provided bread and fish for them. Simon seemed to be godly throughout the whole mishap. Nobody would have found those fruit without Simon, just like how God’s people would have starved if Jesus was not there to save them.

In the same what Christ was, Simon is a prophet to the people, who gains an insight as to what the truth about the beast is. When he attempts to tell the rest of the boys that the beast doesn’t seem to be what they think it is, they decide to kill Simon because he claimed to be the beast. Without a second thought, the boys jump him and tear him apart with their bare hands and teeth. This also represents Christ by the way that he was crucified on the cross by his own people.

Simon seems to have a special sense that seems almost prophetic in nature. At one point in the book, he says, “What I mean is…

maybe its only us” (126). This comment makes one seem to think that he’s the only one to understand that the uncivilized and uncontrollable behavior of the boys will be what destroys them.When the boys search for the beast that Samneric report having seen, Simon is the one who doubts its existence as a creature. It is the inward sight that leads him into the covert where he often meditates. Simon, just like Christ, because in the Bible after Jesus was baptized, the spirit immediately led him into the wilderness. While Simon is meditating in the covert, the hunters do not see him as they leave the beast, “a gift”. As the hunters leave, Simon regards the head. “The half shut eyes were dim with the infinite cynicism of adult life.

They assured Simon that everything was a bad business. ‘I know that.” (197). Just like Christ, Simon easily recognizes evil and Satan.As one can see, it seems to be obvious that Simon has been created to be the Christ-like figure of the story. He helped them all get off the island and survive, but gave his life doing it. They would not have even made it a couple of days, because Simon was the one who found all the fruit and food.

Simon was a great addition to the story, especially when he counteracted with the Satan-like character that William Golding added to the novel.


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