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In the present decade technology like mobile and tablet are widely used.Many people usetechnology,even in an office or classroom.Mobile learning is a kind of E-LEARNING system;moreover,in some countries,e-learning has expanded in schools.People tend to feel pleasant and positive about new technologies, and it seems to be effective in learning and teaching.

Using mobile is one of the solutions to optimize the time and cost.A ll over the world, usage of information technology causes changes in a learning society(Uzunboylu, Bicen&Cavus, 2011).The other issue is that social media has an extensive role for a great qualityeducation corresponding to the social settings of learning and fostering critical thinking in students (Mason, 2006). There also are some researchers suggesting that it has the capability to change the educational system, encouraging college students for transcendent learning in preference to being inactive students of classroom(Ziegler, 2007). As social media systems have ended the restriction of the physical global through supplying unbounded communicative opportunities within the virtual world, they’ve emerged as immensely used to complement the language learning(Fewell, 2014).utilizing a mobile tool in pedagogical procedure offers a pupil to learn in every place and every time. The expanding presence of modern technology in our lifestyles in conjunction with the fact that freshmen are growing up in virtual surroundings mean that freshmen have begun to feel convenient using technology in language classrooms (Quarshie-Smith, 2004).

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Motivation is one of the topics in teaching system that must be given unique attention.fortunately, some of the strategies that “empower” and “engage” students additionally result in elevated motivation,Theroux (1994, P. 3).

In this research, we are going to analyze the importance of technology in our system to show how much technology has an effect on pedagogy system. We will focus on learners in motivation between the  mobiledivice and common classes.


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