In talk about the previous Receiver who

In chapter 17, we read about Jonas who has started to feel deep feelings, feelings that he just felt in the memories. That is because he left off with the medication that prevented those. When Jonas was on his way home, he saw kids playing a game that he played before. But now he reacted differently than he usually did. The game was a kind of war game where there were two groups whose members tried to shoot each other imaginary. Jonas got very bad thoughts and walked away.

Jonas also met the Giver and asked about releasing. The Giver started then to talk about the previous Receiver who failed. He explained that it was his fault that the Receiver was released. In the beginning the Giver did only transmit good memories like happiness, love, joy…etc. Then the Giver started to transmit negative/bad memories like misery, loss, loneliness, starvation.

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..etc. The previous Receiver couldn’t handle the situation. The Giver told Jonas that the previous Receiver was a girl and her name was Rosemary.In chapter 19, Jonas explained that he still didn’t know what happens when someone is released. He said to Giver that he was curious about that. The Giver mentioned that Jonas could ask for everything he wanted.

Every day they recorded a release, so Jonas asked to see that day’s release. It was his father who performed the release that day. He picked the child that weighed less than another. Then he injected something into a vein in his head. After that, the child didn’t move any longer.

Due to the memories Jonas realized that his father killed the child.After seeing the release, Jonas realized that he needs to make change in the community. Therefore, together with the Giver.

they came up with a plan to send all the memories back to the people by leaving the community and passing a “border” that leads to “Elsewhere.” If Jonas passed that “border” all the memories would return to the people. The Giver said to Jonas that he would stay in the community to help the people to deal with the memories.In this part of the book Jonas changed more and more. He doesn’t have easy time, he tries to get used to the feelings. The difference between Jonas and his friends increases when it comes to thinking about life.

Jonas has now completely different perspective on life than the other kids in the community. The event with the war game explains everything where Jonas shows how sensitive he is.After reading chapter 19, I realized that I agree with Jonas and from then I really started to sympathize with him. Actually, I started before, but after reading the part where Jonas’s father killed the child it touched me and Jonas’s reaction to change the community is obvious after that. I would try to do exact same thing if I would be Jonas. And the worst thing is that Jonas’s father and everyone else in the community don’t know what they are doing.

They just follow the rules they have been told to. I really like the book because it gives me so much emotions and feelings. I really don’t like the environment and community itself but because I am in some way angry of the situation in the community, it makes me more interested to continue reading and find out what will happen.

The fact that people in the community live without feelings is ridiculous.I think, we people are in need of relationships and therefore feelings are very important.Some new words from this part of the book are: mimicked, sarcastic, obediently, horde, suppress, ruin.


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