In since the end of World War

            In the 20th century, a lot of wars as nations and continents and nations struggled to develop themselves in economic, political, powerful as in social and military power. Whereas those days Cold Wars and Wars brought dramatic changes within the international scene and the relationship between way nations used to have. It became more important to see closely in the fact that some of those wars gave the result as permanent enemies and encompassed nations while in some cases alliances formed which has lasted until today. United States direct rule for 27years the remote prefecture of Japan after the Battle of Okinawa during World War II. Okinawa unclaimed to Japanese rule in 1972, but American military bases still remain.

The topic of the presence of U.S bases on the island has become a controversial topic in Japan and opposition is Okinawa is strong in itself.  However, the island’s strategic location assures that the American presence is likely to continue.             To begin with this, since the end of World War II American military has maintained strongly a substantial presence based in Okinawa.

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