In secured 79% in Physics, Chemistry and

In this ever-changing world ofengineering where each new days sees birth of new concepts and applications, Electronicsand Communication Engineering is the field where your idea can be seen andunderstood directly. My fascination towards ‘Electronics and Communication’basically developed as early as in my school days when I took part in a scienceexhibition. I was then really fascinated by the complexities of differentstructures and their working. My pre-existing interest in the field along witha strong urge to dwell deeper into unknown questions and try out new ideasconvinced me to opt for higher studies and contribute to the field throughmeaningful research.Icompleted my schooling from “St. Anselm’s Pink City Sr.

Sec. School”, scoring8.8 CGPA in Secondary School Certificate (10th) Examination. Then Ichose a science oriented education and got admitted in “Step By Step HighSchool” where I got basic knowledge of subjects like Physics, Chemistry andMathematics. I secured 79% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in my highersecondary certificate examination (10+2 pattern). After high school, Imatriculated for a four year degree program of Bachelors of Technology (B.

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Tech) by qualifying test and securing a place in the Department ofElectronics and Communication Engineering at the Manipal University, Jaipur. Ihad chosen the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering becauseI was fascinated by the advent of computers into homes which exposed me toIC’s, VLSI and software. Though the technology was beyond my intellectualcapabilities, it strengthened and nurtured my penchant for electronics andhelped me to gain an interdisciplinary experience in the field of science. Thiswas the beginning of one of the most important phases of learning in my life. Thefirst two semesters of Engineering taught me the basics of all the variousengineering fields and even included the freshman courses like Physics,Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Programming which I was already familiarwith, however in the second and third years I was fascinated by the fabricationand functions of IC’s. My undergraduate training exposed me to a broad arena ofcourses which include Microprocessors and Microcontrollers which have beendesigned for real time application while the circuit theory course Analog andDigital Electronics were important considering the design of inside structuresof transmitters and receivers. However, Wireless and Mobile Communication werethe real significant ones where information is transmitted through air by usingElectromagnetic waves.  Optical fibreand Data communication helped me probe deeper into the field of high-speedcommunication and Data Processing.

I am also trained in the use of packageslike Matlab and Pspice .During these four years of my Engineering I wasable to build a solid foundation of my course. This course took me a stepcloser towards fulfilment of my goal of delivering deeper into the world ofElectronics.Theintegrated knowledge acquired during the four years of Engineering was not onlyconfined under the four walls of my classroom.

To gain practical knowledge Iperformed two internships during my summer holidays 


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