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          In fact, how can we identify the realdefinition of the specific term called colonialism? In reality colonialism is adescription of an action that an empire or rather a country does. Whenever anEmpire or a kingdom reached its peak on domestic development they would tend toextend their economic growth beyond their borders, extracting valuableresources from other countries that they colonized, also establishing bases andestablishing power over domestic authorities. RemarkableEmpires And their Colonies              Throughout history there havebeen a significant amount of Empires that have extended their domain above agood amount of countries that they have colonized, and have left a historicalmark in the history books, these Empires are:·        TheFrench Empire – One of the strongest empires at their time that have left agood amount of countries, that even till this day their second language isstill French, the colonized countries are: The Americas, parts of Africa, partsof Asia, Oceania, and also all the way to Antarctica.

·        TheDutch Empire – Probably one of the most renown Empires that have left a namebehind them (the flying Dutchman) due to their highly advanced navy and theskill of trade. Their colonized countries are: Parts of Asia, Dutch East India,Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Malacca, Deshima, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa, and theAmericas.·        JapaneseEmpire – Still till this day probably one of the most renowned countries in theworld till this day that remains with the status of an “Empire” Japan isconsidered to be one of the most ancient countries that remains strong tillthis day. It’s colonized countries were: Korea, Taiwan, Sakhalin, South PacificMandate, and Regions of Mainland of China.·        TheBritish Empire – One of the most terrifying powers of the 19th century that has spread its handsalmost all over the world, it was mostly thanks due to their geographicalposition that has allowed them to do so and also that has allowed them to makedifferent technological achievements that has driven them to do so, also not tomention that England was the first place from where the industrial revolutionhas begun from. It’s colonies were: Parts of Europe, Africa, North America,South America, Central America and the Caribbean, parts of Asia, AntarcticRegion, Atlantic, Indian ocean and the Australasia and the Pacific.

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  Contrast:           As torelate to the differential sphere of how colonial powers used to cease controlover other continents, it’s crucial to stress how the Japanese Empire hasacquired its dominance over parts of Asia the “JAPANESE COLONIZATION OF NORTHKOREA (by Esra ?ayretli) “. The Japanese power as whole varies quite differentlyfrom the majority of the European powers.Concluding,the European powers differs in a way that they sought to increase their powerand domain overseas, also by acquiring goods and resources, mainly from theAfrican continent, and India, were as it was such a perfect colonial power, aslead other Empires to also acquire “a little India”.        ButJapan in itself, was such a mighty Empire that had been developing andmastering their arts through ages and centuries, that have sought to createperfection wherever they landed their foot in, as a matter of fact, Japan had asystem where they had to practice perfection within their borders, that aftermastering every aspect and every sphere of their capabilities, only then theycould move to another step.        The Japanese empire didn’t see it quiteconvincing to travel a long distance in order extract resources in othercontinents such as Africa, they didn’t follow Europe’s steps, on the contrary,the decision was to maintain control that’s much closer to them. Indeed, theirlong enemy was Korea, so to seek development inside their empire, the solutionwas to proceed to maintain control inside Korea.

       The act of this colonization wasn’t as peaceful as how Britain used topersuade other countries to act as a protectorate. Japan used to seize controlover Korea in more violent act   Reasons           Duringthe late 1880s the international arena was ruled by the European powers. Thus,during the Berlin conference of 1884-1885, that was held in Germany, theEuropean powers agreed on right to ‘pursue’ legal ownership of the regions inAfrica. This conference can be considered as the official start of the Scramblefor Africa by European powers: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal,Spain, and the United Kingdom (Britain). 1886-1895:     Mainly, two European powers, Britain and Germany, expressed interest inthe Eastern African Countries at the Berlin Conference (1884-85). Thus, in orderto resolve the dispute peacefully the two Powers signed a treaty in 1886 by givinga consent that Germany would lay claim to the coast of Tanzania and Britainretained access to the area of Kenya and Uganda.    Sir Mackinnon formed a BritishEast Africa Association (BEAA) that later on resulted in the Imperial BritishEast Africa Company (IBEAC). Moreover, In 1887, the company started to administrateon the East Africa upon being chartered in 1888 IBEAC assumed administrative controlof British East Africa.

Thus, IBEAC was supposed to govern the areas of exportsand managements of goods and agriculture. Also, it was responsible of buildingthe railways connecting the EAC to Lake Victoria.Britain did not take up direct administration of the region under itsSphere of influence rather it gave the right to administer to a commercialcompany, the Imperial British East African Company (IBEAC). The Britishgovernment encouraged Sir William Mackinnon who run a shipping company at thecoast to take up the responsibility.

However, the company went bankrupt in 1895due to the war crises.       


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