In Little Big Horn in 1876. From

In the Sioux (Lakota or Dakota) tribe, the people werehunters, gatherers, and farmers.

The majority of their diet was made up of meat,such as, buffalo, elk, antelope, deer, and turkey. They also farmed corn andgathered berries and fruit, as well. One of the biggest things this tribe isknown for, is its Indian Chief, Sioux Chief Sitting Bull. He went to war at 14and then led his people to defeat Custer in the Battle of Little Big Horn in1876. From 1876 to 1877, the Sioux and the Northern Cheyenne went against theUS in the Great Sioux War.

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Over 150 Sioux Indians were killed in the Battle ofWounded Knee in 1890. The Sioux Indians have long and black hair, high cheekbones,and large noses. Those are three of the things that they are known for. Anotherthing they are known for are powwows, which are ceremonies held annually withdancing, lots of food, and singing. The men are very responsible for protectingtheir families and providing food from hunting, gathering, or farming. Theyalso make Buffalo-hide paintings that were very detailed and extravagant. Thewomen made bead art into either jewelry or embroidery.

They were also talentedin pottery and quillwork. Quillwork is a type of embroidery using the quills ofporcupines or occasionally, bird feathers. While the men did the protecting andgathering of food, the women watched the children and housework. Such as,cooking, cleaning, and remodeling of their homes.

They lived in tipis that theycould take apart and rebuild easily. The Sioux tribe believed in their god and creator, WakanTanka. They had celebrations each year including, Vision Quests, Throwing ofthe Ball, and Sun Dance. They believed all things had spirits and were a veryspiritual group.

The type of clothing they wore were made from animal skin. Menwore deerskin shirts and leggings while women wore dresses with leggings underfor warmth. They always decorated their clothing with shells, beads, and animalclaws.

To keep warm they wore animal hide robes and wore moccasins as shoes. 


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