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In conclusion, meritocracy hasits pros and cons and not everyone in the society will benefit from it.

Itprovides equal opportunities for all but not similar outcomes. It leaves outpeople who are not talented and skilful to have the opportunity to get theposition. Conflict theory can be appliedfor this case study.

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Since meritocracy is a system that rewards a person basedon how good they are, with the ability, skills set and talents, it is unfairfor those who on the other hand, do not have the ability, skills and talents.They will not be rewarded as they aren’t good enough. Thus, they will not beable to participate in social mobility and will have to remain in the samesocial class. For example, in sports, person A could start out as a team player,with skills and determination, person A could be chosen to be the captain. AndPerson B starts out as a team player, but lack skills and determination, willremain as a team player and not be able to upgrade as a captain.  The link of meritocracy insport to social class is that through meritocracy, one can receive a high socialstatus that is based on ability and achievement rather than social class.

Inother words, in this system, even when you are poor, you can still be rewardedbased on your talent, skills, abilities and achievements and be successful.  Today, he isone of the most marketable sportsmen, world’s most famous athlete and is rankedthe world’s highest-paid athlete. Despite the social class he was born in, he was able tomove ahead and reach the position that he is in right now.

With a net worth of $400 million, his journey inspires audience worldwide through his struggles, persistenceand hard work that led to his successes.I choose CristianoRonaldo for my case study. Ronaldo is a Portugueseprofessional soccer player. Ronald had a difficultchildhood. He grew up in an impoverished homein one of the poorest areas ofFunchal. He is second of 4 siblings and isthe son of a cook and a municipal gardener.

Eventhough he came from a poor family, he trained hard and was determined to pursuehis passion for soccer. He started out by playing for variousyouth clubs. At theyoung age of 16, Manchester paid £12 million to sign him, a record fee. In the2004 FA Cup final, Ronaldo helped Manchester capture the championship when hescored the first three goals.

In 2009, Ronaldo transferred from ManchesterUnited to Real Madrid in a transfer worth £80 million. Ronaldo is aversatile attacker and he can play on either wing as well as through the centerof the pitch. Meritocracy refers to a society that is governed by people selectedaccording to their merit. Meritocracy society is based on 2 key values:individual achievement and equal opportunity. Individual achievement refers to oneachieving their status through their own abilities and efforts. It is not aboutwhere you come from or your social class, poor or rich family, but it is whatyou can do that gives your position in society.

There are equal opportunitiesthat allows every individual to achieve their full potential. The reward inmeritocracy encourages people to do well.


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