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InSalem, a significant number of the characters in The Crucible could haveaccomplished more to end the hysteria in Salem. The superstition of witchesexisted in an overall population of strong Christian convictions. I believe,from numerous points of view the general population of Salem were in charge ofthe witch hysteria.           The individual with the most impact was Abigail. Abigail and John Proctor hadan affair. John Proctor broke contact with Abigail and invested time for hisbetter half, Elizabeth. Abigail gets envious along these lines and Abigail, acouple of different young ladies, and a servant from the Caribbean named Titubamove around in a request that they trust it will slaughter Proctor’s betterhalf. Reverend Parris, Abigail’s uncle, sees this and reports it.

At the pointwhen Abigail is addressed about this, she denies everything and doesn’t comeclean about what truly happened. The news of her and the other young lady’sunusual activities spreads around the town of Salem and the hysteria begins.Without Abigail’s superstition, and her dread or coming clean, I figure theoccasions in The Crucible wouldn’t have gotten as genuine as they did or evenbegan.

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           MaryWarren was a significant part of the hysteria in Salem. She’s an honestindividual who needed nothing awful of other individuals except for she wastricked and extorted by Abigail, alongside the other group of young ladies. Shecould tell the full truth in the event that she wasn’t terrified of Abigail andought to have come clean, perhaps then many individuals wouldn’t need to bitethe dust. On the off chance that every one of them didn’t play amusements andcame clean many characters would even now be alive.

           The last individual I think had a major impact on the spirit the witch hysteriais John Proctor. He had an affair with Abigail, however he and his wife,Elizabeth, do make up and get along well. John Proctor adds to the agitationwhen he and his better half are discussing Abigail and why she is acting sostrangely.

In spite of the fact that John Proctor knows she is making upeverything and faulting pure individuals, he is hesitant to movement to Salemand affirm her as an extortion to the court. In the event that he would havedone this the witch trials could have ceased there. Another way John Proctorcould have added to this franticness yet his good didn’t let him happens whentoward the finish of Act IV he says he will admit to the law who he saw withthe demon keeping in mind the end goal to spare himself from kicking the bucketor from detainment. Luckily, John Proctor understands this isn’t right and hedoesn’t give the admission and he hangs as a result of it. Albeit in the endJohn Proctor added to the hysteria a bit, regardless he helped it stop.           To conclude, a considerable lot of the named characters in the play TheCrucible depend on genuine authentic records and individuals who were reallyengaged with the occasions depicted.

Unquestionably, any number of theseindividuals could have acted in approaches to move the course of occasions inthe hysteria. Any number of townspeople could have declined to trust theallegations of witchcraft, rather than being willing to trust that witchcraftwas behind any number of events, from Betty Parris’ bizarre distresses, toalternate things depicted (cows’ milk drying up, children falling ill and soforth), Being ready to blame others for witchcraft successfully implied thatgroup individuals could realize the association and ruination of theirneighbors without plentiful confirmation or proof, in light of the fact thatthe earth was so superstitious of these witchcraft rumors.


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