In gold, this story inspires generations to

In old days, pirates were thegroup of people who perform series of criminal activities on a boat or shipover the sea area. For instance, let’s look at the history: how we learn cybersecurity from the real pirates story. In 1522, three people from Cuba went toSpain. They loaded precious stuff like gold, pearls, Jewries and so on ontotheir boat.

The historical situation was that five distinguishable boats appearsuddenly in the area at the moment the travelers started their trip and the treasure-loadedships couldn’t escape. After a short fight and stealing gold, this storyinspires generations to come and launch what is known as the “Golden Age ofPiracy.” 2 In the past the sea was adomain contains commercial and communication; however, these days the sea is adomain with information and Internet. These types of pirates do variousactivities to damage cyber secure, from stealing and hacking, to trade and to leak(sell, share) economic information and military secrets 1, which causesunexpected huge damage.

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For instance, in 1812 war period, the American piratestook over 517 ships (more than) U.S. Navy’s 23. Even though the end of the realwar is that British won; the private American caused harmful damage to theBritish economy using the information they stole.Let’s look into the mainchallenges of the modern cyber security in order to learn what we have learnedfrom the real pirate has taught us. To sum up, the biggest challenge isthat  “internet pirate” can quicklyidentify and relocate, shielded by the third party. Nowadays, based on literaturesearch, maritime pirate is still existing. There was a great example thatpirates helped US against British back in to the year 1812 1861.

PresidentLincoln stopped killing all the pirates instead he decided to utilized thepower they owed.  Since the cyber security seais much like the real sea, the historical idea inspired the modern cybersecurity piracy defending. People came up two main strategies to preventmassive cyber attack.

  The first strategyis to shut down the pirate network by interrupting bad behavior in strictmarket, then in the private-friendly place the transactions will be killed.Hence, without the support of networks, illegal actions will become more andmore difficult to practice. Although by doing this the cyber security will bemuch safer, the cyber security sea would not be cleaned. Here comes the secondsolution, establishing a serious of rules and norm to allow open sea trade. Bydoing this, the open sea commercial trade will be open and supervised. Settingnorm can help two individual group complete task without building deep trustand relationship. The lesson here tells us thatthe historical real sea pirates can be applied in internet cyber securitypirates.

It is a definitely better idea that commerce and communication makesafe and freewheeling pirates and privateers brought under control. 


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