In Critics Significant intervention in our activities

In addition, television is being watched and is a television being discussed:Both do not necessarily match. Editing of the Classical Studies CriticsIt highlights, explores and shuts down how to think about television programs,that is, despite a long and consistent durationThe ratings of the audience disapproves most of the academic work.It argues that means that what is invisible is the richness of televisionas an academic; That is, there are existing programs, but it seems they are not seen.There are several reasons for this invisibility and they are also analyzed in this articleamong others.

This is how TV is considered to be televisionInvisible topics, how to talk about television and what programs areAnalyze, discuss and teach, understand what is normalIt’s television, what it is, what it does, who does it and what it doeswith that. In all cases, this issue will be complemented by the Television Show CriticsSignificant intervention in our activities and in ways that define and justifyThings we do as a researcher, as a teacher, as a teacher and as a community. andit’s invisible, it wants to eliminate alternative directionsComplete television studies.

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The term “invisibility” has been carefully chosen. Ratings show these seriesThey are not invisible to the significant proportions of the population. ‘Invisible’, then,This does not stop to see the concept of the program that looks at the sightwithin the academy; It was just as ignored or looked like it wasthere is not. In this way, it is advisable to study in the field of television studiesThe programs that make up a large number of television are forgottenconsumption Likewise, it suggests, so to speak, that invisibility is not consciousor motivated; Instead, it is the result of the context in which we workand the activities that make up our work. As I said, this problem clearly demandsA review of some of our practices, and why television is the goalStudies are often disoriented with many everyday experiencesWe have studied the medium.


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