In classmate, Daniel. Our presentation was regarding

In this essay, I willbe reflecting on the chosen piece that I have presented in class with myclassmate, Daniel. Our presentation was regarding the lesbian, gay, bisexualand transgender(LGBT) community. In this piece, I am going to evaluate theneeds of my audience that I presented in front of and discuss the differentfactors that featured throughout my spectators.

I will be discussing how theirdifference in culture, age and education level influenced how we made ourpresentation suit everyone’s needs. This essay will explain in detail how theuse of colour on our PowerPoint slides could affect our audience and themeasures we took to prevent some individuals not being able to see and read thePowerPoint efficiently. Additionally, the diverse techniques that were used inour different slides will be explained. Towards the end of this essay, it willinclude comparisons between the different types of ways to share a presentationelectronically and finally evaluate my actual presentation.

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To produce anefficient presentation that addressed all the audience members’ needs, I had toconsider the difference between all of them and recognise how that contributedinto my slides. Our audience had a wide variety of different cultures, rangingfrom Somali, Ugandan, Nigerian, Jamaican and White-British. Culture is anaspect that was needed to consider as we had to ensure that our presentationwas suitable for all cultures and it wouldn’t offend any person.The secondcontributing factor was the age of our individuals that varied from eighteen tothirty-five.

We had to make sure that our presentation was suitable for our agerange, visually, as the slides had to appeal to all the individuals. It hasimpacted in the way that I communicated with my audience both verbally and non-verballyby using a range of techniques like using hand gestures and elaborating on myfacial expressions. Lastly, the educationallevel of our audience was another influence that could potentially affect thecontent in our PowerPoint slides. However, the educational level of my audiencewas the same throughout the individuals at a level three. This meant that I didn’thave to alter the language used or simplify certain jargon as everyone in theroom was at the same ability to understand the content on my given topic.During the planning ofour presentation, we discussed how we were going to display a use of differentcolours to engage our audience and differ from the ordinary black and whitecontrast. The aim is to allow the individuals to fixate on the interestingslides and prevent them from feeling bored with mundane colours.

In ourpresentation we used a light blue background with black font to ensure the textwas clear enough to read. Our first slide consisted of the title LGBT communityin a rainbow style colour to intrigue our audience by giving them a feel ofwhat our presentation was going to be about as well as link the colours used inthe title with the same colours used on the LGBT flag. It is vital to rememberhow certain colours can affect the audience by using bright colours that causea glare on an interactive board making it hard to read and follow the presenterwith the topic. White backgrounds on a page, white board or computer screen tendto be a difficulty for individuals with dyslexia as the words appear jumbled upmaking it difficult to read; pastel and cream colours are recommended toovercome that barrier.

On the other hand, if darker colours were used they wouldn’tcapture the audience that well, colours such as brown or black would disinterestthe audience and generally appear harder to read from. Colour can also belinked with emotions as displaying a lighter colour can communicate a positiveenergy, optimism, happiness and warmth whereas bland or darker colours can beassociated with dullness and conservatism.In our presentation, severaltechniques were used to make our content much more stimulating with the intentionof capturing our audience and make their experience interesting. Our firsttechnique consisted of a range of animations which were displayed in each slidelinked with our text; this was put in place so that we could control which informationwe could show at each specific time and prevent the full text on the screen, overwhelminganyone as it could prove to be too much information to digest all at once.Additionally, we usedpictures throughout our presentation to make our slides visual and mentally stimulating.It allows individuals to follow our topic with photos relevant to what we weretalking about and illustrate and elaborate on some of our points. Finally, thelast technique we used towards the end of our PowerPoint was a video. This wasused to bring movement, insight and sound into our presentation and to give theaudience a rest from listening to us present.

There are many ways toshare a presentation electronically. Drop box is an application that can be accessedand downloaded on most devices with the purpose of sharing, syncing files andkeeping them backed up online.  Anotherway of sending a presentation can be seen to be through email.

Electronic mail thatcan consist of any type of files sent from an account, through the internet. Additionally,a Universal Serial Bus (USB) stick is generally used to manually store files; itis a data storage device that can be inserted in PC’s, laptops etc to transferinformation. Lastly, social media is another popular method to share apresentation. For example, Facebook or YouTube can be used to communicate informationand made into a video so that people can watch. Ultimately when comparing thesedifferent methods, Dropbox can be convenient but isn’t proven to be the mostsecure service in comparison to a USB stick which is secure as it will be savedinto one device only and will not be exposed to being hacked. Sending an email beeffective and fast when sharing files however an internet connection is neededto ensure that the file gets sent successfully which is not always guaranteed;in comparison to using a USB stick which can transfer information just as efficientlywithout the use of internet.

Sharing a presentation through social media can behelpful in reaching a group faster and is less likely to be lost where as a USBstick can get lost or get wiped.


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