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In 2009 the percent of females in the world was 49.588, the ratio of men to women in Watchmen is 3:1 The graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons is set in the 1980’s during a pre-apocalyptic brawl between Russia and the United States. This book is not only about superheroes in general but about strong male superheroes and weak women. In today’s society the world surrounds around men and while the 1980’s had a more patriarchal society compared to 2009 when the book was published, the book is all about men and the sexualization of women. The female characters in Watchmen as a whole, all of these women’s plotlines tie into the narrative as through sex, objectification, and weakness.

 Throughout watchmen, almost all of the femail characters are sexualized. Watchman contains the demonstration of an oversexed diastolic where women are abused and used as objects. Rorschach’s mother or Sylvia Kovacs is sexualized because she is a prostitute and the negative tone the authors put on her for her career choice. Janey Slater was only placed into the graphic novel to be Dr. Manhattan’s first lover. Which implies an undertone of womyns purpose is just being lovers and not actual human beings.

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Sally Jupiter is a victim of sexual harassment that is taken lightly in Watchmen also with an underlying message that women are not as important as men and that sexual assault is a noncomparative issue to the murder of a fellow superhero. Laurie and Sally both share the Silk specter persona and  Laurie and Sally both share the Silk Specter persona and Silhouette never actually makes an appearance in the novel since she has been murdered. Laury who replaces Janey as Dr. Manhattan’s partner who’s only plot line is to be a girlfriend of Dr. Manhattan’s and then leaving him for Dan is another example. Through the femail character’s attributes of sexualization Watchmen’s small effort to critique an overwhelmingly patriarchal society the sexist views of womyn overshadow that point.Clothing influences people’s perception of intelligence, background, personality if they are sexual or a prude, …. Now just with their names for their secret identities, you could argue that it is sexism.

No male character would call himself Silk Specter or Silhouette nor would he wear a costume as revealing as the sexualized womyn do. Womyn Watchmen criticizing this type of sexism in the comic book and superhero type genre.  Watchmen can be seen to be making a commentary on the marketing of sex as Silk Specter’s character is used in a movie described as too awful to be called pornography.  While they created these revealing costumes the male characters often criticise the dressing of the womyn characters but why start the slut-shaming path that could be easily prevented.