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In 2010, the Human and Retirement Study (HRS) conducted astudy on the cognition of non-Hispanic Whites, non-Hispanic Blacks, andHispanics. The HRS evaluated the verbal memory of the participants by having them repeat after havingheard a list of 10 words being recited to them.They were then asked to repeat the words again after spending5 minutes partaking in a different test.

The study not only assessed participants verbal memory butalso their working memory by asking them to subtract 7 from 100 and from thenext 4 following differences. Attention and working memory were tested togetherby participants counting backwards 10 numbers from 20.    The study showed non-Hispanic Whites exhibited higher cognitionin comparison to Hispanics and non-Hispanic Blacks across all age groups.Hispanics and non-Hispanic Whites showed insignificant difference in cognitionafter age, gender, and education were taken into account to avoid confoundingvariables.  The null hypothesis is that there is no difference betweenthe performances of White and Hispanic people and the alternative hypothesis isthat Hispanic people answer a greater number correct on the picture test of theMIT than White people.

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   Referring to the CMIT database, we obtained a t-value of1.937 from the data and a t-value of 1.962 for a p-value of 5%. Since theactual t-value is lower than that of for a p-value of 5%, the alternativehypothesis is rejected and the null hypothesis is retained. 


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