Improvement In Race Relations Essay Research Paper

Improvement In Race Relations Essay, Research PaperImprovement in Race RelationsRace dealingss in the United States are much better now than they were when Toni Morrison wrote? A Slow Walk of Trees? 25 old ages ago.The United States prides itself in being considered the most diverse state in the planet. Populating in Los Angeles, California, one of the biggest metropolitan metropoliss in our state, I have the chance of seeing different races every twenty-four hours.

Our cultural runing pot of a state has evolved so much from the mid-1970? s, that interracial matrimonies, minority executives, famous persons and jocks are all now commonplace in our society. It is besides non unheard of to see many minorities populating in outstanding neighborhoods..

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There are still many racial stereotypes in our state. Some people, many of which are Caucasic, are still alienated when seeing a group of immature Afro-american or Hispanic males. Afro-american and Latino minorities are still being pulled over by constabularies officers for no peculiar ground, other than looking leery.

Racial stereotypes are a consequence of many cases. One major cause of racial stereotypes in the African-American community is rap music. Rap creative persons such as Kurupt, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Nas, DMX, Master PLainez 2and the late Christopher Wallace ( Notorious B.

I.G ) frequently use wordss riddled with incidents such as the dealing and usage of narcotics, promiscuousness, robbery and homicide. The big exposure of blame music, presently the figure one merchandising music genre in our state, gives many people the feeling that the bulk of black people live that same exact unsafe life styles frequently glamorized by irresponsible blame creative persons. However, there are rap creative persons such as Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Outkast, The Roots, and Common Sense that write wordss about the deficiency of racial integrity in our state, subjugation, and the dissension of the blame manner of the rappers who project condemnable personalities.The media has a stronghold on our state. Incidents refering racism are now having a batch of media attending.

Twenty-five old ages ago, a group of constabulary officonditioned emotional responses crushing on a black individual would non hold gotten as much media attending as the Rodney King incident. Rodney King was an Afro-american who was pulled over and beaten by four Los Angeles constabularies officers for foolhardy driving while under the influence of an illegal substance. That unfortunate event was polar in the sense that the whole universe gained consciousness on what was truly traveling on every bit far as racial tenseness was concerned. There have been many other publicised incidents in the intelligence after the Rodney King incident.

For illustration, there was an Ethiopian adult male sodomized with a speculator by an on-duty New York police officer.Lainez 3It is non rare to see a minority as a famous person. Jennifer Lopez, Edward James Olmos, Antonio Banderas, Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett and Lawrence Fishburne are all top-tier histrions in the film industry. Shaquille O? Neal, Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, Sammy Sosa, Vladimir Guerrero and Pedro Martinez are all outstanding athleticss aces. Assorted kids of all races in the United States look up to these famous persons and jocks without any respect to the skin colour of these epic figures.The United States has grown so much in the past 25 old ages, but we still have a long manner to travel.

I am convinced that future coevalss will be more accepting of other races. Peoples are now concerned with the racism in our state, because they realize that a racialist belief is a incorrect one. That is the ground why assorted racialist incidents are being publicized in the media. The outlook of our state has changed in the sense that we realize that racism is a job that needs to be changed.We are now in the twelvemonth 2000, and as we look back at our state 25 old ages ago, the differences are noticeable. As a Latino male, I can walk through the streets of Los Angeles with assurance and religion that I will non be tormented because of my race.

Though I candidly doubt that racial bias will of all time stop, I am certain that in the following 25 old ages my adolescent boy or girl will be able to walk the streets of our metropolis with less fright of racial profiling. I hope to populate to see that twenty-four hours, when our provinces will genuinely be united.


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