Improvement Drive Essay

Students: Middle school studentsImprovement Drive            Having been given the evaluation of my students regarding English proficiency, I am a bit disheartened by the fact that even they belong to the group of students who have high understanding of the language; they performed poor in applying the basic rules in grammar.

As a teacher, it is our duty to bring out the best in our students using different activities that could enhance their skills and strengths or spot their weaknesses to give way to improvements.            Essay writing may be an activity that will gauge the students with the way they understand a certain topic, say about “grown up Christmas wishes” or the global recession. One goal of essay writing is to spot the way the students use modals, prepositions and other verbs. Sentence structure and voices of the sentences that could make an essay more effective can be given to students prior to this activity.

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If there will be weak points from the students that will be the time when the teacher will be able to group them according to their strengths and weaknesses thus provide them activities that will at least help them improve like a group contest for the transitions of certain verbs, their past participles and other verb tenses. For those who are confused in using different prepositions, quizzes and different examples should be given to them so they could differentiate and compare how appropriate a preposition is with a certain clause or sentence.            Indeed, improvement of the teaching methods is needed in   improving the quality of education the students receive every year. Since the interests and trends of people change every year, it is really helpful to search for more activities that will best instill the knowledge to students. It will also help the nation in terms of the way people or students understand some issues delivered in the English language.ReferenceEnglish Proficiency Test.

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