Important Information About Rimas Technology Group Commerce Essay

The most of import information about Rimas Technology Group is summarized in this chapter which includes the history and the construction of the company every bit good as the scope of merchandises and services they offer.Rimas Technology Group located in Beringe, the Netherlands was founded in 1994 as a gross revenues spouse for Bosch Rexroth.

In 2005 Mr Mark Verstraten took off the company. Over the old ages the company has invested in specialised markets and technology solutions, which led to the strong place they are keeping today. Furthermore tonss of production and assembly mills around the universe are now runing on Rimas ‘s equipment and production lines.The company ‘s construction is based on the strategic concern unit attack. It consists of 3 concern units as the first is solar faculty production, so merchandise assembly solutions and the 3rd one is solar glass washers. Every concern unit has its ain direction and when of import determinations are made the direction squad studies to the company ‘s consultative board where the determinations taken are checked and verified. Today Rimas Technology Group counts about 40 employees in entire.

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The scope of merchandises and services that the company is offering to the market varies from parts and equipment to advanced solutions and cognition for merchandise assembly.Today Rimas is falling into the medium sized companies and the end that the company is seeking to accomplish is to go an international big sized company with a net income of 40 million yearly and 200 employees. There are figure of external influences that every organisation needs to face. Since the company can barely hold an influence on the external environment, it is of import the internal environment to be analysed on a regular basis so the necessary stairss can be taken in order to accommodate the company to the altering demands on the market and accomplishing its ain ends.


Research job definition and aim of the study

This chapter deals with specifying the company ‘s research job and the undertaking assignment every bit good the undermentioned stairss to be taken in order to develop recommendations for betterment of the internal environment and accomplishing the corporate ends.The undertaking assignment consists of moving as a consultancy bureau for selected company in order to supply a simplified company analysis. The aim is to organize recommendations for bettering the company ‘s internal procedures refering their scheme and corporate ends.In order to analyze the internal environment, the 7S McKinsey ‘s theoretical account is used including shared values, scheme, accomplishments, manner, staff, systems and construction.Since the undertaking is complex, assorted stairss need to be taken. First of all relevant information about the company is to be collected sing the aforesaid 7S theoretical account. Thereafter, it is of great importance to take a closer expression to the external factors act uponing the company ‘s development and growing. The external environment can be classified into two chief parts, macro and micro environment.

The macro environment is to be analysed utilizing the STEP theoretical account dwelling of socio-cultural, technological, economic and political factors, while for the analysis of the micro environment the Porter ‘s five forces and three of those will be applied by finding the bargaining power of the supplies, purchasers and rivals. Strategic analysis is besides to be done utilizing SWOT theoretical account, which is dwelling of strengths, failings, chances and menaces.As a consequence from this procedure a clear image of the company ‘s internal environment and external influences will look. The following measure to be taken is utilizing the 7S theoretical account as a tool for analyzing the internal state of affairs of Rimas in order to find the failings ensuing as possible countries of betterment. For bettering each country few alterations need to be made and so the best class of action is to be determined for which recommendations will be provided.

4. Internal analysis

In this chapter the 7S McKinsey ‘s theoretical account will be used in order to analyze the internal environment of Rimas Technology Group. The basic thought of the theoretical account is that there are seven internal facets that need to be considered in order for a company to be successful. The 7 S ‘s can be divided into two classs: difficult elements ( scheme, construction and systems ) and soft elements ( shared values, accomplishments, manner and staff ) .

4.1 Shared values

Rimas Technology Group is now 18 old ages on the market and the nucleus values of the company are freedom and gratifying environment for the employees, presenting a high quality and a good relationship with the clients. Among the mentioned higher precedence is given to the strong relationship with clients. As a consequence the company ‘s focal point lies on the client satisfaction which requires flexibleness. So Rimas is seeking to accomplish this by working straight with clients and supplying the best services that can.The company ‘s civilization can be defined as a undertaking civilization due to the concern unit attack that is used, where “ squads are formed to work out peculiar jobs.

Power is derived from the squad with the expertness to put to death against a undertaking. This civilization uses a little squad attack, where people are extremely skilled and specialized in their ain country of expertness ” ( Ruiz, 2010, p.249 ) . The company is utilizing this attack because of the self-dependence of every unit. The advantage of this type of company civilization is that when a certain market is unstable the remainder of company ‘s activities stay undamaged.The primary procedure of Rimas Technology Group consist of planing parts, doing them externally and so the company assembles equipment and machines which consequences in supplying equipment and cognition for merchandise assembly and production.As it concerns the company ‘s vision for the hereafter there is a clearly defined end Rimas is focused on. That is going a big sized company that delivers client satisfaction by supplying high quality to the market and gratifying environment for its employees.

4.2 Scheme

The initial thought for establishing Rimas Technology Group was because of trade activity. The company had a petition from Bosch Rexroth to stand for a merchandise in the market and that is how Rimas began its being. The company started to run on the Dutch and Belgian market of machine edifice companies and companies that are active in any signifier of bring forthing parts and merchandises.

Since 2005 the company stepped into the international solar panel fabrication market and the last two old ages added the fabrication production lines to the international market every bit good.Because of the instability of the solar panel fabrication concern the direction doctrine is to maintain things simple – non excessively many beds. So in order to do certain the remainder of the company does n’t damage during this instability of the market Rimas Technology Group has separated its activities to concern units.The long-run scheme of Rimas is to turn into a big size company. For Mr Verstraten the definition of a big company is a net income of 40 million yearly and more than 200 people employed.

This is the basic end that the company is focused on.In order to stand out from rivals the company is seeking to convey the message that is holding the best possible merchandise within the scope that is available. The trade name that Rimas is holding is an A trade name, there are 2 or 3 top trade names in this market and Rimas is one of them. The company stands out fundamentally in quality and client satisfaction and that is why the scheme of the company is to maintain it that manner in order to maintain turning and go a big sized company.

4.3 Skills

In what aspect Rimas is alone compared to other similar organisations is that it has the exact combination of activities.

Therefore, the company has the alone advantage of holding some industries with the same demand but with wholly different terminal merchandise. And the fact that the company is working with merchandises from Bosch Rexroth is doing it really flexible and fast in finishing its orders.The most valued accomplishment to work at Rimas is to be a nice individual, as good it is of import to be able to listen to the client and interpret his demand to the production staff. Although, some degree of general machine cognition is besides required. But there is no demand for a particular sheepskin or certain instruction degree.

4.4 Style

The direction leading manner can be defined as a participative direction manner.

It can be best described as engagement of the employees in the decision-making procedure by lending thoughts in order to work out jobs. The advantages of this manner of direction are that it can increase employee committedness to an organisation ‘s ends ( Scott, 2009 ) . So in instance of Rimas Technology Group the manner and the full civilization are really unfastened in scene that everyone is free to speak to Mr Mark Verstraten, for case if there is a ailment or an thought for bettering something. The freedom and the fact that employee ‘s voice is ever heard are the chief grounds why people are loyal and enjoy working in Rimas.As it concerns the decision-making procedure, foremost of all the regular employees contribute their thoughts to the top direction, than the thoughts are discussed within the direction squad and all major strategic determinations are checked and verified by the consultative board and the other shareholders. Therefore, it could be stated that the company ‘s activities are more or less initiated by the top direction every bit good as the regular employees. Furthermore, when it comes to the director ‘s authorization it is wholly based on regard, because of the chance given to every employee to be a important portion of the company.

4.5 Staff

Around 40 individuals are hired at Rimas Technology Group and right now most of them have a contract, but the figure can rapidly alter depending of the different purchases that the company has. The mean age of the staff is between 35 and 40.

The traditional manner of occupation advertisement in the newspapers is used because of its effectivity for Rimas. That is because the company ‘s country is really traditional one and most of the people do non utilize the cyberspace for happening a occupation.There is no purely defined process refering the hiring procedure. By and large the company is looking for impermanent solutions until it becomes clear that it is necessary to engage person temporarily for more than a twelvemonth with the outlooks that later that individual will be hired for good. On norm, staff stays 15 to 20 old ages at Rimas, there are even employees that are in the company from the really get downing. Due to the gratifying environment created the employees are satisfied and hence loyal to the company.The educational degree among the work force is MBO degree which is secondary vocational instruction and takes up to four old ages of analyzing and after finishing the preparation it is permitted to get down working or go oning the instruction. The bulk of work force is expected to take determinations on their ain, so that helps the motive of the employees and the development of personal competencies.

There is a deficiency of fillip system, which on one manus is advantage because there is no fight among the work force, so the squad members tend to be concerted. However, for the following twelvemonth it is implemented a net income wages system, so there is a possible inclination to competitiveness in the hereafter.


6 Systems

As mentioned before the corporate values are client satisfaction, flexibleness, quality and gratifying work environment, hence, the chief systems are the quality control system and the information system.The quality control system works in the undermentioned manner: When there is a undertaking delivered to the company in the beginning it is done an credence trial with the client. Equally shortly as the undertaking is finished there is Site Acceptance Test ( SAT ) which consist of the blessing or disapproval of the concluding merchandise and when it reaches the client it is done another quality check – Factory Inspection Test ( FIT ) .

As it concerns the normal trade concern there is merely ERP system which checks the fiscal stock supply degree, but there is no research made refering the client satisfaction degree. Taking into history that strong relationship with clients is one of the nucleus values of the company, there is a deficiency of marketing research based on the client satisfaction refering the trade activities of the company.The information system is rather simple. When there is a undertaking the people responsible for it take up the determination to a certain fiscal degree and negotiate with the bank. For more of import determinations the direction squad is involved and after treatment Mr Mark Verstraten takes the concluding determination. In order of import determination to be taken there are hebdomadal meetings of the direction squad ( every two hebdomads ) where it is discussed and approved or disapproved. After a certain determination is made by the direction squad, as stated before, it is taken to the consultative board where is checked and verified.


7 Structure

Rimas Technology Group is an organisation with level organisation and strategic concern unit ( SBU ) theoretical account ( Appendix 1 ) . In other words, there are formed independent divisions that operate as an independent endeavor with duty for a specific scope of merchandises or services ( Oxford University Press, 2012 ) . The advantages of this organisational construction is that it helps maintaining concentrate within the unit and allows the company to react rapidly to the altering economic or market state of affairs, without damaging the whole company ‘s activities.On top of the company is Mr Mark Verstraten as the pull offing manager ( CEO ) who is besides responsible for the selling, gross revenues and strategic development concern unit, every bit good for the solar undertakings. One degree below him is the manager of fabrication, installing and warehousing concern unit and undertaking control division ‘s manager, besides the HRM section, the director of particular undertakings and the accountant director. And so is the remainder of the staff. The undertakings of an employee semen from the section he belongs to, hence as to the communicating each employee studies to the superior individual.The bulk of the work force cognize how the company is structured due to the fact that there are often organized meeting with the employees so they are informed on regular footing what possible alterations are out at that place.

5. External analysis

The intent of this chapter is to analyze the external environment of Rimas Technology Group in order to find the outer factors act uponing the company.

5.1 Macro-environmental analysis

In order to analyze the macro environment of the company STEP theoretical account will be applied dwelling of socio-cultural, technological, political and economic factors. The basic thought of the theoretical account is that a company needs to understand the macro-economic environment that operates in so as to observe and understand the wide, long term tendencies ( Provenmodels, 2012 ) .

5.1.1 Socio-cultural factors

The demand for a house ‘s merchandise and the handiness and willingness of persons to work can be influenced by different alterations in the societal tendencies ( Oxford University Press, 2007 ) .

In instance of Rimas Technology Group a strong impact on the company ‘s activities has the demographic tendency. The country in which the company is situated, and from where most of the employees are, is really traditional 1. In other words most of the people still are utilizing the traditional manner of happening a occupation in the newspaper, therefore the company is publicizing more in the newspapers than on the cyberspace sites. The advantage of this sort of occupation advertisement is that the cost is non really high and it is the most effectual 1 for the company.


1.2 Technological factors

The new engineerings are making new merchandises and new procedures. Furthermore engineering can cut down costs, better quality and lead to invention. These developments can be favorable to clients, every bit good to the administrations supplying the merchandises ( Oxford University Press, 2007 ) .Through the old ages Rimas has invested in specialised markets and particular technology solutions, which led the company to the strong place that is keeping today on the market for parts and equipment every bit good as turnkey solutions. In order to better its production ( bring forthing more for less clip ) the company has integrated robotics to its production activities. This besides benefits the company by doing it more competitory.And yet there is a negative side of the integrating of new engineering and that is the possibility some employees to lose their occupations because of the mechanization.

However as the proprietor Mr Mark Verstraten is truly concerned about its employees there is a balance between people and engineering in the company. This facet is integrated in Rimas ‘ mission, in order to be successful in concern and at the same clip take its societal duties.

5.1.3 Economic factors

5.1.4 Political factors


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