Importance of Travelling Essay

Have you ever wondered why traveling is important? “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. ” Martin Buber. Many people in this world don’t see the point of traveling, and the most common excuse is it’s a waste of time, money or it’s scary to travel to places that are far away. People don’t recognize the importance and outlook of traveling.

To me, I believe that traveling is very essential to all of us. It’s very important to educate ourselves and know the countries around us and the different cultures and traditions.We need to see the outside world and look out of the box as St. Augustine said “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. ” This quotes suggests that each and every one of us should travel and see the outside world rather than just ours. Too have a different perspective and discover things you’ve never seen before.

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With traveling, we become open-minded and experience life in many different places. I think that experience and traveling can be the best teacher. I’ve recently traveled to France and realized how much traveling can benefit a person.Traveling can be like therapy.

If you are feeling depressed with your life, the best thing to do is to get away from where you are and clear your mind a little bit. You get to forget about your problems during this period of time. Sometimes we have these packed up schedules with a lot of things to do and work we need to take care of.

With traveling, we can enjoy a time of a stress free life. When disconnecting from our regular lives and routines, we can live life to the fullest in people and relaxation. Traveling can have an amazing effect on one’s mental and physical health.Traveling can also make us feel joyful to return back to our usual days and routines. A visit to the Maldives or Paris can open your hearts and minds beyond your world. You could see the other side of the world that you’ve never seen before. To become a better person, it’s significant to pause and look at yourself and reflect and to think over your strengths and weaknesses.

Just by stepping in a new country, you can learn so much about yourself and other cultures at the same time. You can discover if you are a shy person or an over-confident person.Learning new customs and ways of life is marvelous for your mind and especially your knowledge. It gives us a new outlook in our lives.

It can improve our way of living by making us change our old and bad habits into better ones. Discovering different ways of life is really interesting, whether it’s food, clothes, shelter, or holidays. By visiting new places, we can see what the magnificent world can offer us beyond our houses. We can experience being surrounded by many people with different races and cultures and understand the varities in many countries. We can experience life in a different way.We can learn about the geographical feautures of a country such as the existence of rivers, mountains, deserts, forests, factories, cities, gardens, etc. Many things we learn from textbooks during classes can be understood more when we actually visit these places. Traveling has a great academic value.

The best people that you can travel with is family and friends. Traveling can create remarkable and unforgettable memories that can never disappear no matter what. It can tighten the relationship or bond forever. It can let you know one another better. Traveling with family makes you feel safer.It gives you many interesting stories to share with the people you know and love. You can create photo albums and short films about your fun trips.

You will have memories to look at whenever you’re feeling down. And when you grow up you’ll enjoy the experiences you had while you were young. Traveling can teach you many useful skills in life. You are most likely to improve your communication skill since you get to hear many new languages being spoken. Most people learn a couple of common words before traveling so they wouldn’t struggle while talking to others.When I was in France, I learnt some common words such as bonjour, oui and merci. I didn’t struggle very much when I bought something from the grocery store or any place I went too.

One of the most important skills you get to learn while traveling is independence. While traveling people usually pack alone, clean their own clothes, have to look over yourself and sometimes need to cook. Even if you were traveling with your friends, you will still feel a lot more independent than when you were in your country. Being organized and managing your time is needed when you’re traveling, especially if you like tourism.If you’re a tourist in a new country and you want to do some sightseeing you will need to plan your schedule. Most importantly if you want to discover all the popular places in that specific country you will need to manage your time wisely. To conclude, traveling and exploring new cultures has its academic, personal, and social values and benefits on people.

It expands people’s mental thinking. If you have the time off, I suggest you go and travel to a new place. The world is too large for us to stay in one place. Go and explore the world around you


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