Importance of Co-Curricular Activities Essay

Importance Of Co-curricular Activities In Student’s Life INTRODUCTION * Hello everyone, good morning and welcome. * I’ll begin by the topic of my talk is importance of co-curricular activities in student’s life. * To start with I’ll describe some of the importance of co-curricular activities.

After that, I’ll suggest some example for further detail. Finally, I’ll summarize my presentation before concluding with some recommendations. BODY/CONTENT: Main Idea 1: To make the students fit for the future time * To develop a sense of competitive spirit, cooperation, leadership, diligence, punctuality, team spirit as well. Given leadership in certain matters, it boots self-confidence. * Experience and accolades gained through many of these activities.

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Main Idea 2: Enhance social interaction, healthy recreation, self-discipline * Be more active in their life. * Easy to socialize and communicate with others. * Can be handle different kinds of tasks and challenges. Main Idea 3: Learn up the different activity of benefits * Drama club help to prevent stage fright. * Debate activity help to establish confidence. * Sport activity acquires first aid knowledge and experience. Main Idea 4: Help to exercise regularly Various activity help students to body shape * Students wouldn’t able to be free on lying eating snack and watching TV * Exercise regularly help to reduce stress Main Idea 5: Be more shrewd for using their own time * Long time reading will become may not vivid in other part.

* Will be able to arrange timetable and allocate time. * Save time to do on others useful things. CONCLUSION: * A wide range of experiences prepare students better for the future, especially in today uncertain world. * Co-curricular activities need to be more refined, varied and interesting so as to be widely accepted and successful.


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