Importance of Accountability Essay

“Accountability encompasses the processs and procedures by which one party justifies and takes duty for its activities such as for accomplishing assorted organisational goals” ( Lippincott Nursing Center. 2009 ) .

When a patient goes enters an office. they have already set their criterions and outlooks to the highest criterions. From the first hullo to the debut to their supplier. every action is being measured. The employees will be held accountable if the patient isn’t checked in a timely mode ; their insurance information is non entered rapidly or accurately. The medical helper has to hold their patients roomed in a timely mode.

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cheque vital organs and enter vital organs and record medicines right. If any of these stairss are non completed suitably. that single will be held accountable. Accountability is an ground tackle in any concern. but it is important to the health care industry. In this paper I will place what it means to be held accountable and tools to mensurate answerability.

Why is answerability of import in the wellness attention industry. Patients rely on the answerability and cognition of their suppliers. This property is of import because their wellness is in the custodies of these persons. This duty does non halt with the suppliers.

but it is besides relevant for other staff members involved in the attention of the patients. Patients expect their attention to be handled suitably and expeditiously. In order for the system to work consequently. employees need to be held accountable for their actions. If employees are non systematically making what it takes to supply first-class client service. answerability is non being enforced. and employees create hazard for the company.

By non following through on undertaking or duties patients begin to oppugn the credibleness of the company. and they begin to desire person to be held accountable for the lacks that have occurred. How is an employee’s answerability measured in the wellness attention industry.

As a leader. my answerability is measured by the result of my staff and the productiveness of my staff. Standards that are measured may be. are my patients being roomed in a timely mode. are at that place errors being made by my front office when come ining information.

Are my suppliers up to day of the month on their demands such as CMEs ( continued medical instruction ) ? Are my OSHA and HIPAA manuals current? Do I have a fire flight program posted and did we pattern drills? Are charges being entered in a timely mode? These are certain facets of my occupation that are touchable and some that are intangible that assessed and that I will be held accountable for if they do non run into the set criterion. Staff answerability is measured through observation and annually reappraisals. unless action is required Oklahomans such disciplinary action steps.Patients besides have the chance to direct feedback through patient studies and direct contact the leading squad. Using ethical considerations in leading and direction. Ethical motives plays a big function in the different aspects of health care. By non practising ethical behaviour.

this creates room for mistake in the workplace. By learning ethical behaviour and representing it as a leader you’re giving your employees the necessary tools to pattern answerability and dependability. By integrating this pattern into the civilization of your office. this leads to productiveness and fit your staff to stand by behind their actions because they believe in them. By set uping this civilization. it paves the way for accountable behaviour. “Culture alteration requires committed leading.

Inadequate or inappropriate leading has been identified as a cardinal factor when efforts to alter civilization fail” ( Lippincott Nursing Center. 2009 ) .Checks and Balances in a successful organisation.In a successful organisation. cheques and balances are created and implemented to guarantee that the company’s success continues. Without cheques and balances. the company is unable to quantify or place the beginning of its jobs or how to travel about rectifying the state of affairs. Without cheques and balances.

this leaves room for mistakes. which may take to cases or ill patients. For illustration by non supplying your staff with mandated cleansing agendas. you are susceptible to infections among your patients. By necessitating logs and assignments.

you can so keep person accountable if such undertakings have non been completed. By placing what procedure is needed and the specific result. employees tend to be compliant and complete their expected work. By cognizing the effects of non finishing their work. they are made cognizant that they will be held accountable and in what manner.

How does answerability impact an organization’s working civilization?“Health attention suppliers are invariably endeavoring to better quality and efficiency by utilizing public presentation direction systems and quality betterment enterprises. Creating and keeping a civilization of answerability are indispensable for accomplishing this terminal because answerability is the ground for measurement and bettering performance” ( Lippincott Nursing Center. 2009 ) . How can you keep a positive on the job civilization and avoid a on the job civilization of incrimination. In a leading function. it is of import to be the illustration of what you want within your organisation.

By making so. you are developing a civilization of regard without direct incrimination. Teach your staff how to place the job. how to avoid it and more significantly non to put incrimination. A responsible staff member will admit their errors and do the attempt to rectify them.This attitude decreases the civilization of incrimination.

For illustration. my staff member made a error. and alternatively of drawing her into my office and puting all the incrimination on her my first inquiry is “Why are you in here? ” By nearing errors this manner. you are seting the control back into the custodies of the employee/staff member. This provides the chance to dissect their behaviour and state me why it occurred. In the terminal. there is no incrimination.

but inquiries. which lead to replies. that consequence in the procedure of avoiding the same error.This attack negates cultural incrimination. In decision.

answerability is a really productive tool in health care. By supplying outlooks for your employees they understand why and what it means to be accountable. In leading exemplify what it means to keep yourself accountable and mirror that image for your employees. Patients depend on a civilization that patterns answerability and besides believes in it. Commit to a set of criterions. believe in them and pattern those beliefs.Mentions:Lippincott Nursing Center. ( 2009.

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