Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Impact of the Scientific Revolution Essay

Impact of the Scientific Revolution Essay

The Scientific Revolution occurred in the 17th century. It was a movement that led towards the modern society in which we all know today. Before the Scientific Revolution came about, the daily lifestyle of the Renaissance was looked at in a medieval way. For example, the medieval view of our universe was a meshed idea of both Aristotle and also Ptolemy. To them, our universe was a ladder that delivered them to God’s doorstep. Another medieval view of the universe was that the Earth was the center of the universe. They believed this because they felt that God’s main focus of creation were human beings.

Now, the scientific revolution caused people to really and truly question these thoughts. Nicolaus Copernicus was the first to challenge this idea by stating the fact that earth is nothing but a measly planet with many others that is simply revolving around the sun. Because of this, his book was then prohibited by the clerical authorities for starting a controversy and going against what the Scriptures had said. The Industrial Revolution was a time period that changed the life of Great Britain in the 19th century. It was a change in the way goods were produced and the way life was lived.

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Forms of power were being invented that replaced the use of human and animal strength with mostly the use of steam. Britain was full of capital that came from rich business man and landowners who had made a living through many different ways so the funding was already there. The industrial revolution was the beginning of factories and mass production of product. There were many different changes in technology, such as the cotton industry, the steam engine, the iron industry, and also transportation had advanced as well. Society in general transformed during the Industrial Revolution.

Agriculture, business, economics, politics all changed in a certain way. I feel as if the Scientific Revolution was the cause to the Industrial Revolution because the Scientific Revolution helped change the way people thought about things. If it wasn’t for that revolution to bring to people’s attention that it is okay to think a certain way and that it is okay for a trial and error situation then the Industrial Revolution would have never came about. People would have been to scared to step out of the “norm” and they wouldn’t ever have attempted to create new types of power or new ways of business marketing and transportation.

Because of the inductive and deductive reasoning methods, it helped people think and react differently. The Industrial Revolution changed the social strata completely. It was no longer divided into clergy members, nobility, and commoners. All of the “middle class” consisted of people who were in the same work field as one another. The wealthy or “upper class” consisted of the bankers, factory owners, and also the very sophisticated merchants. I also feel like both of the revolutions mentioned hardly had anything to do with the women of that current day in age.

It was mostly all men that were prospering from these revolutions. In conclusion, I feel as if the Scientific Revolution was the initial cause of the Industrial Revolution. The Scientific Revolution changed the way people thought about things and the Industrial Revolution changed the way people went about doing things. With breathtaking speed inventions were being made, questions began to get answered, and factories were popping up all over the world. Both revolutions stimulated the economy for the better. If it wasn’t for either of those revolutions I don’t think we would be anywhere close to where we are today.