Impact communications technology business Essay


Setting up an internet linked computerResearch necessary equipment required to set up an internet linked computer.To make use of the Internet, a business must invest into the necessary equipment. First of all, there will need to be hardware in the shape of PCs that connect to the web, using either cabling or wireless technology.

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The costs of these are falling and if a business buys in mass, then the costs can be reduced further. In addition to the PCs there are the costs of cabling, modems or routers, and printers as well as the software. Chelmsford College is using both wireless and cable internet connection. Students and staff are able to use cable internet on pc and wireless internet on laptops or any other device that has Wi-Fi.2. Use of internet for business researchShow effective use of search enginesSearch engines are slightly complicated programs/tools on the web. They show billions of results generated by an even greater number of queries, and most of use one or more of them several times a day.

The print screen above shows how effective Google is, as I typed in Chelmsford College it shown me immediately what I was looking for. In the first place there is college’s website, on the left Google found out where the college is and shown the telephone number.3. Use of internet for procurementResearch and select a suitable supplier of an itemI think Staple would be suitable supplier for Chelmsford College as they mostly sell stationary equipment needed to school/college. To improve quality of college’s equipment they could buy laptops from Staples as they have needed preferences and college might get discount if they will buycouple of laptops. 4. Use of internet for promotionDesign a banner advertisement for your company to appear on a search engine.

Banner advertising is a space across the top of a web page, usually with advertising product or services from another business. If a person click on the banner, then it will lead to a referral through to the site of a advertising business. I have design banner for Chelmsford College which is shown above.

The first picture from the top shows my first stem of designing it which is frame of the banner. The middle picture shows designed name of the college and at the end there is final picture which is fully done banner. 5. Use of internet for businessUse a digital camera to take pictures of the outside of the company’s premises and upload these onto the computer.These pictures below shows the prints screens of progression I have done to upload the pictures from my camera onto the computer. Firstly I had to go outside the college and take the picture of it from Moulsham street view and second picture was taken at the main entrance to college’s building. 6.

Show how to take precautions to reduce security risksShow how you backed up your work whilst working on one of the above areas. I had to make sure all my work is backed up, so every time I added up new work to my assignment I saved it on my memory stick. This is important to do it, as it happens very often that computer may restart or stop working, then I could lose all the work I have done. This print screen below shows how I backed up my work on memory stick.M1This print screen below shows the problem I had whilst carrying out the above task. This blocked site happened when I was trying to go on to Facebook and check if Chelmsford College does not have the same banner, as I done it in above task.To overcome this problem I had to carry out that task at home where I was able to access Facebook page.

As you can see below Chelmsford College has completely different banner than mine.Also I had error messages while working on my task, this picture below shows that there was internet connection problem. As I needed internet connection to find out suitable supplier for college I had to diagnose connection problem. After doing this the internet connection was much better and I was able to finish my task.

Another problem that could come across was undelivered email. There are many reasons an email message may be undeliverable and come back to the sender. For example sender may not be able to find email name, as it could be spelt wrong.

Also name server could not be found or domain name does not exist. To solve these problems you could Check your sent items box within your mail user and then open the message that you tried to send and then try resending the message. Also another method is to verify that you typed out the full email address in the correct location without using an address book and double check the spelling of the recipient’s email. Sender has to make sure there are no spaces or commas in the email address and that the spelling is correct.Unsuccessful search engine is another problem that some people might experience. This could happen when someone will type in special characters such as:?, =, %, ;.

Also if user will look for definition or location they should write what they are looking for not the whole sentence.


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