Imagine a Chain Reaction of Kindness: the Inspiring Story of Rachel Joy Scott Essay

Each day 160,000 kids do not go to school for fear of being bullied, tortured, and unaccepted by other students (rachelschallenge. org). Rachel Joy Scott was a 17 year-old girl who wished to dedicate her life to making an impact on the world through kindness and compassion (rachelschallenge.

org). Although her life was cut short due to the tragic massacre at Columbine High School (Littleton, Colorado; April 20 1999), Rachel has touched millions of lives across America through her story. Darrell Scott started an organization in memory of his daughter, Rachel.

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The organization travels to schools across America telling the tragic story of the Columbine shooting, however despite the tragedy, millions of students are enlightened by hearing the inspiring story of Rachel Joy Scott. Through the programs put on for all schools across America, Rachel’s Challenge is leading millions of souls into a chain reaction of compassion. Track #1: Where is the Love? Black Eyed Peas. “Where is the Love. ” Elephunk.

A&M Records, 2003. CD Rachel Joy Scott believed in spreading kindness and compassion.She believed that compassion was the greatest form of love humans had to offer (Scott, Rachel My Ethics, My Codes of Life). However, it broke Rachel’s heart to witness the lack of love in her own community.

She witnessed bullying, cruelty, and neglect right in her very own high school. The day that Rachel befriended a new girl in school (who was suffering through depression and contemplating suicide, due to her mother’s death only weeks prior) was the day Rachel realized that there was an absence of compassion in the world, starting with her high school. ] (Scott, Darrell).The Black Eyed Peas pose the question “Where is the Love? ” Rachel was asking herself that same question. Track #2: Hero Superchick.

“Hero. ” Regeneration. Inpop Records, 2003. CD. Rachel believed that love, compassion and kindness are not just adjectives, they are verbs (Darrell, Scott). Each of these requires action to be taken. By befriending the new girl, Rachel was taking action. Rachel made it her daily mission to notice others.

Specifically, her mission was to take notice of those who were often forgotten about (Scott, Darrell). However, just noticing others was not enough to satisfy Rachel, she had to take action.There was this boy who went to Rachel’s school. He had a learning disability and was often picked on. Those who knew about how this boy suffered from being bullied overlooked it and did nothing.

One day, Rachel was made witness to this boys torment. She walked into the hallway only to find two jocks mocking this boy, followed by knocking his books from his hands. Without hesitation, Rachel ran to his rescue. She proceeded to place herself in the middle of the jocks and this boy, took a boxer’s stance, put her fists up and warned “If you want to pick on him anymore, you’ll have to fight me first! Shocked, the two jocks quickly shuffled away, never to bother the boy again (Darrell Scott). The lyrics “So if we make the choice to be the voice, for those who won’t speak up for themselves, how many lives can be saved, changed and rearranged? ” represent Rachel’s belief that standing up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves, demonstrates the qualities of a true leader. Track #3: How to Save a Life Fray, The. “How to Save a Life.

” How to Save a Life. Epic Records, 2005. CD Rachel was not ignorant of the fact that in this day and age, people were just too busy to open their eyes and see the pain around them.In an essay Rachel wrote titled My Ethics, My Codes of Life, she conveys that you cannot mold an opinion based on the 1st, 2nd 3rd or 57th encounter you have with someone. What people choose to show each other is not always what they are really experiencing or feeling.

Rachel believed in taking the time to really getting to know an individual. She was not just interested in the outward reflection that they wanted people to see, she was interested in their hopes and dreams; their sorrow and pain. Rachel believed in saving lives through compassion, and only when you truly know someone’s internal conflict can you then save their life.The lyrics “And I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life,” express Rachel’s beliefs that going out of your way to get to know someone on a personal basis could potentially save a life. Track #4: Be Still Fray, The. “Be Still.

” Scars & Stories. Epic Records, 2012. CD “I have been told that I trust too easily, but I find that when I put my faith and trust in people when others would not dare to, they almost never betray me. I would hope that people would put that same faith in me. ” Rachel reveals her flaw that maybe she trusts too easily in My Ethics, My Codes of Life.Despite what others think, Rachel did not feel this “flaw” was such a bad thing.

In other words, she is asking, “Is it such a bad thing to trust people, for them to know that they have at least one person standing by them, when everyone else seems to flee? ” Be Still by The Fray is an encouragement to find comfort through hard times in knowing that there is always someone standing next to you, even in the dark. The lyric “If no one is standing beside you, be still and know I am. ” Represents the ever-present companionship Rachel entrusts to others.Track #5: If I Die Young Band Perry, The.

“If I Die Young. ” The Band Perry EP. Republic Nashville Records, 2010. CD Though the story of Rachel’s life is inspiring, it is her death that has lead millions of people to challenge her codes and ethics. On April 20th 1999 Rachel, along with 12 others, were gunned down and brutally murdered by two teenage boys in the infamous Columbine High School shooting (rachelschallenge. org).

Through diary entries Rachel had written, her family learned that Rachel was a girl at peace with the idea of death.In a journal entry that Rachel wrote only months prior to her death she expressed that she had served her purpose on earth and knew she would not live to see her next birthday (Scott, Darrell). Rachel knew that her purpose in this world was bigger than life itself.

Rachel believed her purpose was to be the flame that ignited a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. Although it is thought that it would be her life to start this chain reaction, Rachel’s young and brutal death is what made her famous and thus began a ripple effect that has touched the lives of millions..The lyrics “Funny when you’re dead how people start listening,” exemplify the impact Rachel’s death had, rather than her life. Track #6: One Girl Revolution Superchick. “One Girl Revolution.

” Regeneration. Inpop Records, 2003. CD Most often, when people think of strong heroes or leaders they imagine men like Superman or JFK. A 17 year-old girl, with no fame, national authority, or superpowers is the last person to come to mind when placing the label of a hero or leader. Rachel knew on a bigger scale she was rather unimportant.

Despite this, she did not give up on making a difference.She knew she was one girl with a big dream and little chance of actually making it happen (Scott, Darrell). Years after her death, Rachel’s family went through the things in her room. As they pulled a dresser of Rachel’s away from the wal they discovered a drawing. Rachel had traced her hands onto the dresser and in the middle wrote, “One day, these hands will touch millions of lives.

” (Scott, Darrell) Rachel had a mission. No matter how small or unimportant she was she was determined to start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. Rachel was determined to be a One Girl Revolution. Track #7: We LiveSuperchick.

“We Live. ” Beauty from Pain 1. 1. Inpop Records, 2007.

CD. The Rachel’s Challenge organization travels to high schools across the world delivering the story of Rachel Joy Scott. They speak to students about Rachel’s inspiring life…and death. They express what it means to start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. Moreover they explain the importance of living a full life (rachelschallenge. org).

As represented by Rachel’s premature death, life can be cut short at any moment. Rachel’s Challenge encourages students to start a chain reaction of kindness, through love, forgiveness and perseverance.Superchick sends a similar message in their song We Live. The lyrics “We live, we love, we forgive and never give up, cause the days we are given are gifts from above and today we remember to live and to love,” summarize part of the message that Rachel’s Challenge intends to send to each student. Track #8: Imagine Lennon, John.

“Imagine. ” Imagine. Apple, EMI, 1971. 7” vinyl record, 12” vinyl record.

In an essay Rachel wrote only a few weeks before her murder, she expresses how important kindness, compassion and honesty are to her.She explains that even a little bit of kindness can start a chain reaction; it’s the ripple effect (Scott, Rachel). In My Ethics, My Codes of Life Rachel challenges others to test her codes of life. She encourages her readers to try to find the best in people, show a little compassion towards others, and to be honest with not only others, but themselves. Rachel’s Challenge continues to spread her message to children, teens, and adults in numerous countries in hopes of building a better world. John Lennon’s song Imagine is a poem about a different world.It is a fantasy world, where there are no differences among people, there is no fighting or killing, only love, kindness, and compassion.

Rachel’s Challenge has a similar goal. You never know how far a little kindness could go. Just imagine. Works Cited Darrell Scott. “Rachel’s Challenge. ” Rachel’s Challenge. Fosston High School, Fosston, MN.

9 Nov. 2011. Presentation. About a year ago the Rachel’s Challenge organization came to my school and presented Rachel’s story. I had never heard this story. They told us about how Rachel was murdered, as were 12 other unfortunate souls, and then they told us what Rachel stood for.They told us about papers she has written (My Ethics, My Codes of Life), things they had read in her diary after her death, and stories about Rachel when she was alive.

After they told us about Rachel and what she stood for they told us about the “challenge” they offered to all of us: Through the choices we make and action we take we can all start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. By the end of the assembly I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. Nimmo, Beth. “In Loving Memory of Rachel Joy Scott. ” Photograph. Racheljoyscott. com 2002.

Web. Sept. 2012. Rachel’s Challenge: Start a Chain Reaction. n.

p. n. d. Web. 2 Sept. 2012. Rachel’s Challenge website consists of videos about Rachel’s challenge, testimonials of people who have been touched by this story, and different programs and choices that the organization offers. There is also a section that explains what the mission of Rachel’s Challenge is.

The mission is to reach out to as many people as possible and to touch the hearts of many in order to start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. Scott, Rachel Joy. “My Ethics, My Codes of Life. ”This is a personal essay written by Rachel Joy Scott weeks before her tragic death. In her essay she explains her moral composition.

She reflects on her compassion towards others and makes note that showing an ounce of compassion towards others could change the world. In this essay, Rachel addresses first, second, and third impressions of a person, and how you cannot possibly know or judge someone unless you have taken the time to learn from them about their life, their past, and what they stand for. Yet even then, you should show kindness and compassion for everyone, no matter what the circumstances may be.


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