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While working at a fast food restaurant there are many activities that need to be performed in a special order or the food will not reach the customer in a timely manner. The major focus in any fast food restaurant is to provide the correct order to the customer who ordered the food in a timely manner. If a fast food company can not provide the food the customer the food that they ordered in a timely manner then that restaurant will not stay in business for long. Arby’s restaurants are made up of 5 distinct areas for service: Front counter, Drive thru, Backline, Fryer and lastly general cleanliness.This paper will explain the stations and expectations Arby’s has in place to provide the best service for the customers. The drive thru and front counter are the two main points in the restaurant do to the fact that this is where the customers’ orders are received and processed into the computer system.

The front counter and drive thru are where the money can be made by the employees, simply by asking if the customer would like to upgrade to a medium or large combo meal, or by asking if there is anything else that the customer would like the employee is making money for the company.The major expectations of the front counter and drive thru are to firstly take orders and have a pleasant attitude while completing their job. The front counter employee is also in charge of keeping the lobby area clean for the customers, this includes wiping down tables, cleaning up the drink and condiment stations, and collecting the trays from the lobby. The cleanliness of the lobby is as important to a restaurant as serving the customers, a clean lobby will encourage customers to return and improve their likeliness of enjoying the establishment.Backline is the “crafting” area of any Arby’s restaurant. The backline makes the sandwiches, wraps and other food related items that the customer’s order. The backline is regarded as the toughest area to learn and master at Arby’s because of the number of sandwiches that need to be memorized.

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Backline becomes more difficult when a customer custom orders a sandwich, which means that the employee must either add or not add an item to a sandwich. The backline is usually composed of two employees during slow times and three when the restaurant is experiencing a rush.The backline is also tasked with keeping their area clean and washing the dishes. The backline is also in charge of keeping the manager on duty informed about how much roast beef, turkey, and toppings they have so if more is needed to be prepared. The backline is the backbone of all established Arby’s because it provides the food ordered in a timely manner to the customers.

The fry station of an Arby’s restaurant is the stating position of all employees. The fryer is one of the easiest stations to master and one that can be completed by all who work in the restaurant.The fryer is where the curly fries, mozzarella sticks, potato cakes and chicken products are cooked before consumption. The fry products are used for the sides on any combo served at Arby’s.

The fry station has one duty while working and that is to keep the needed fry products up and available right away to keep the time down that the customers are waiting. If the fry station is given a second task for the day it will be to help the manager on duty to bag and hand out the food to the waiting customers.While the fry station may not seem as important as the backline, it supplies some of the food to the back line. Everyone who works at Arby’s is responsible for the general cleaning around the restaurant to keep the store looking clean. While on duty every employee is given one maintence duty to complete, cutting down on the cleaning needed every night before closing. Some tasks may be as small as wiping down a wall, while some are much more work such as doing a stack of dishes.

During slow periods employees will stock their stations with whatever is needed and start cleaning. Sweeping is a common task that every employee can do to help the restaurant look better to the customers eye. The biggest area that needs to remain clean is the lobby where the customers eat, as explained before the employee working the front counter is responsible for the cleanliness of the lobby.

Arby’s has five areas (drive thru, front counter, backline, fry station and cleanliness) that every employee needs to know to help improve the productivity of the restaurant.The drive thru and front counter take orders and send the orders to the backline and fry stations while also keeping the dining area clean for the customers. The backline crafts the ordered sandwiches for the order and takes care of the dishes. The fry station is in charge of the curly fries and other fried products while helping the manager on duty with order filling.

Lastly the entire staff is in charge of cleaning and maintence of the restaurant while working. All of this needs to happen for a restaurant to run smoothly and efficiently, while providing a quality product for the customers.


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