I’m actions, but after knowing that you

I’m writing you aletter because I’m trying to tell how I’m currently feeling. I never get asense of truly getting across what I want to say because you are always trying to’fix’ me, making everything get better. I truly know that your intentions are good,but they are currently not working. So even though you may find this letter abit extreme, hopefully by the time you have finished reading this you will havea better understanding of what my point is. I have always believedthat we should take responsibility of our own actions, but after knowing that yougot pregnant I did not know what to think… I can not sleep and when I do fallasleep I dream about you, remembering all the beautiful things we have done together;however, I also remember all the painful memories of the past in my head and I’mjust tired of this.

 After all that wehave been through, I would have thought you would be the last one to hurt me. Ifelt like this relationship would stay strong thought the tests of time. When Ifirst met you, I realized that you were different from the rest of the Socs,and I right. From the moment I met you I knew, I wanted you for the rest of mylife. Maybe that was I bit selfish, asking for too much, but I NEVER expectedit to end in this way.  You see, I gave itall for you, and the only thing I wanted you to do was marry me, I trusted youwith my life. I was so certain that you were going to be the person I wouldspend the rest of my life with. I never imagined myself with anyone else and inthe end, that is what totally hurt me the most.

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I wanted so badly for our futureto work. That loving and appreciated person I once loved had turned in someone insignificant,unwanted. After your recent actions I began to see the real you, the one I didnot know existed.  This was my worstnightmare. The more I tried thinking about why you did this. I did not believethis when my brothers told me. At first, I acted like it did not bother me butdeep inside I was destroyed. I never thought someone like you would do this tome.

Now I know people change, I thought I had you all figured out, but youchanged into a different person. From someone a loved to someone I do notrespect anymore. By the actions you took I realized that I deserve much more,and we learn from our own mistakes.

As much as it hurts to say, I do not see usin the future anymore. I see myself with someone who appreciates who I am and wouldnot do what you did.  I would like to thankyou because you gave me the opportunity to make someone else happy. I wouldalso like to thank you for doing this to me, it made me realize we have to analysepeople first instead of jumping to conclusions.  


I'm Ruth!

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