Illegal Immigration Essay

Ever since July 4th 1776, the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, there has been a belief in the minds, and hearts of all Americans. This belief has taken people farther than they could ever imagine and has made America a place for everyone. This belief has turned people from rags to riches, and made America the most appealing country in the world.

The “American dream” is the belief that has captivated this regal country. It’s a dream that gives everyone freedom, a freedom from oppression and a freedom to achieve anything, a liberty to live a wonderful life.The United States is known as the land of free and home of the brave. Although many people in United States may take their rights and this land for granted, others living in need see America as a land where they can accomplish their dreams and fulfill their hopes.

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Nevertheless, many people from third-world countries travel illegally to the U. S. They come to this country looking for opportunities they don’t have in their own countries.

It seems to be reasonable, but with countless illegal immigrants doing so every year, it is becoming a big problem. In fact, Illegal immigration overpopulates the U.S.

and creates Economic and social difficulties. But it also culturally diversifies the country and gives a chance for the most unprivileged of us. Since the founding of James Town in 1607, immigrants have been coming to America. Some wanted freedom to worship, others searched for gold or other forms of wealth, and many were dragged here in chains against their will (Plesser, 3). This was only the beginning.

The flow of immigrants into the United States stayed on a gradually increasing rate since the 17th century. The United States encouraged immigration during its first century of existence.A multitude of Immigrants came into the United States to work in the farms and help clear the new frontier. The U. S.

was on the verge of its largest historical expansion. Immigrants were needed to do diversified jobs. took up the offer because they saw a chance of freedom in the New World (Plesser, 6). There were only a few immigrants in 1820. Only 8,000 immigrants entered the United States. Then, the number began to raise slowly, an increase that would continue, with ebbs and flows, for almost a century. From 1820 to 1920, over 51 million Immigrants entered America.One of the first attempts to slow the migration rate was the Oriental Exclusion Act of 1882.

In 1882, Congress passed the ‘first general immigration statute’. This legislation established a centralized immigration administration under the Secretary of the Treasury. It also provided for the exclusion of immigrants convicted of political offences, lunatics, idiots, and people likely to end up on welfare. One example of this procedure involved Chinese immigrants.

In the 1870s, the majority of Chinese immigrants were employed during the expansion of the Railroad.The workers, especially the Chinese, were responsible for the building of the Trans-Continental Railroad. This kept the influx of the Orientals as an on going and steady number migrating into the United States. The government was concerned with the rise of the number of immigrants into the nation. Therefore, they exercised greater control of the number of allowed immigrants. Thus creating such acts as the Chinese Exclusion Act, which would almost restrain the influx of Chinese (Plesser 9). According to Nick Griffin a BNP Leader, during the late 1980 the government passed an immigration act called the Simpson-Rodio Act.

This allowed all illegal immigrates living in the country since 1982, legalization. He said, “This allowed more than 3 million aliens to live here”. It also gave employers strict fines for hiring illegal immigrants without documentation. “The idea behind the employer sanctions was to diminish or eliminate the demand for undocumented workers, there by reducing their incentives to enter the country.

” Today, some people believe that illegal immigrants are essential for the United States in some ways. Economically speaking, undocumented people are Ben Jemaa 3 necessary for different kinds of job because they represent cheap labor.According to Kahn, Robert from Austin American-Statesman (Texas), if all illegal immigrants were deported, agriculture would lose almost a quarter of its workers, the building maintenance industry would lose seventeen percent and the construction industry would lose almost fifteen percent (Kahn). Some Americans think that they need these people to create cheap work and quick profit. As John Severin a journalist from Ezine Article wrote in Illegal Immigration and Its Economic Impact, These people are close to the bottom of our society and yet they provide a crucial role.

They take on the jobs that no one else wants to do, and they get paid little for doing it. With this lower wage comes a cheaper price to consumers as they buy this product or service. As our economy continues to enlarge, the more people that have jobs and that are taking money from the economy, means more people that are purchasing products and putting money back into the economy. In conclusion illegal immigrants allow citizens to get better jobs by taking the worst jobs, and creating better ones by becoming consumers (Severlin).Illegal immigrants also play a position in the economy whenever they pay sales tax, rent payments, and real estate taxes. In addition, those who use false Social Security numbers pay taxes into the system they do not get back, since people here illegally are not eligible to receive Social Security payments (Graham). In 2003, the government established Social Security taxes on $57.

8 billion from salary reports that could not correspond to the person filing (Graham). Illegal immigrants are excluded from most federal and state entitlements like subsidized housing or food stamps.According to a congressional report in 2007, they found that illegal aliens appear to contribute more than they use in services. But the money they contribute often goes to federal and state funds, while many services they benefit from, such as health and law enforcement, come out of local government budgets (R.

Orszag). Several studies show more than half of the country’s estimated twelve Ben Jemaa 4 million illegal immigrants are uninsured, out of a total of forty-seven million uninsured people in the U. S. , and thus likely to use public emergency ambulance and all the first necessity with their ability to pay (Olson).

There is a lot of free health care and free public-school education they benefit from, since it simply is not known what proportion of these services go to people who are in the country illegally. Another cost of illegal immigrants is that they have to accept low wages that drives down wages in some industries. Then again, if immigrants didn’t take these jobs, some of them might get outsourced overseas (Olson). Olson makes a good point about the benefits of illegal immigrants in the United States, but illegal alliances can also cause the United States a great deal of problems.First, the United States is experiencing a dangerous issue for the country. It is having an over-population problem now, imagine how it will be with all these people entering the U.

S. illegally. Immigration currently accounts for approximately two-thirds of the population growth in the U.

S. “The Census Bureau had predicted, in its 1990 Middle Series projections, that between now and 2050, the population would grow to 328 million without immigration and to 404 million on present immigration trends-a difference of 76 million people” (O’Sullivan).That is millions of extra people who have to be schooled, policed, and given medical attention. That is millions of people who have to find jobs and places to live. That is millions of people who will more than likely have children, which will just add to the already fast-growing population.

It will contribute to the costs of more invasive regulation and higher taxation as local governments seek to provide water, sewage, and other public services (O’Sullivan). Taxes that these illegal aliens will not be able to pay, Americans as taxpayer, will have to get the money out of pockets.According to Longley About’s Guide to U. S. Government since October 1997 in his article Illegal Immigration Costs California $10.

5 Billion Annually, in California, taxpayers were paying three billion dollars a year to benefit illegal aliens with education, healthcare, and other benefits. Finally, in 1994, California voters approved Proposition 187, which aimed to deny public benefits to illegal immigrants. Ben Jemaa 5 Unemployment, already a deep issue in today’s society, will be extremely affected if illegal immigrants get inside the country.Statistics now show that immigrants crowd out both white and black Americans when it comes to filling new jobs. Between the years 2000 and 2002, the working-age population expanded by 7. 9 million people-of whom 48 percent were immigrants (O’Sullivan). These devastating numbers are occurring while legal immigration is restricted and there are at least some legal risks attached to firing illegal aliens. Illegal immigrants would increase the pool of cheap labor, thus increasing the unemployment rate in the U.

S. In addition, the illegal aliens cause the economy to be depleted of useful and qualified individuals.Illegal immigrants take jobs and opportunities away from some qualified Americans. With the jobs given to the immigrants, the same job could have been offered and given to a qualified homeless person. Doing so, the homeless population would not be as large as it is today, and there would be more Americans living in a better situation than what they are at currently (Whiteney).

According to Illegal Immigrants Statistics in the Article “The Skyrocketing Cost of Illegal Immigration. ” Undoubtedly, Illegal immigration is a nuisance for the entire US. Illegal immigrants have taken obs that are legally meant for the Americans; they are importing poverty into the US, are behaving shoddily, and are also disgracing the country. The consequences of illegal immigration are not just limited to the above-mentioned ones, but its consequences are more degrading and ghastly for our country. Illegal aliens are in no manner to contributing to our nation; the only thing they are doing is disgracing the country and shaking the very base of our economy. Because of their illegal infringement, our Native American citizens are severely affected.In addition, illegal immigrants cost the U.

S. billions of dollars each year. It is estimated that about 250,000 – 300,000 immigrants successfully enter the United States illegally each and every year. In California, for example, immigrants cost alone more than 18 billion dollars a year. California currently has Ben Jemaa 6 an estimated 300,000 illegal immigrants now attending grades’ K-12.

This will cost the California taxpayers an estimated 1. 5 billion dollars. Ten percent of the students currently enrolled in our elementary schools today are illegal aliens.California has 49. 8 percent of the countries illegal aliens; therefore, California pays multiple costs for its borders and keeps people that looking to improve their way of life out of our country (Longley). In conclusion, illegal immigration is a real problem that is not really being seriously looked at.

If this issue is taken too lightly, it could have major effects on the United States later on. While it is true that some immigrants do help our economy in a way, the United States must think about how it will affect our nation in the long run.As Walter C. Jones said in his article, Illegal Immigrants; Not What You Think, “Illegal immigration, even in the worst recession since the Great Depression, continues to be a vexing problem. ” With the rate of illegal immigration increasing annually, the United States must take serious actions to ensure that illegal immigration will not negatively impact our country. No one can know the effect of the future large-scale immigration on our country. “It has been beneficial in the past, but that’s no guarantee it will be so in the future” (Kinsley).


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