Illegal Immigrants Essay

Since the founding of the United States of America over 55 million immigrants have settled here. So you could say we are a country of immigrants. So why is immigration such an issue? Should immigrants be granted citizenship and by law be required to pay for taxes after five year of residency in the United States? Some may say that this is America, “home of the free” but nothing is free here or is it and for whom?If immigrants where forced to nationalize and given a past tax waver and through their taxes much needed revenue would reduce our deficit, help fund our schools, stabilize decaying medical and wealth fair systems and reduce the financial bleed out of our country to other countries specifically Mexico. To understand this better we have to look at the history of immigration.

Immigration has been feared during economic hardship, political turmoil and war. From 1840 waves of violence have rocked the U. S.

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.Due to pull and push factors large groups of immigrants from Ireland, China, Russia, Japan, the ethnic jews, and now Hispanic and Haiti have all been feared, restricted and abused for varies reasons. Organizations like the ACLU, (Immigrants’ Rights Project) formed in 1985, are dedicated to expanding and enforcing the civil liberties and civil rights of immigrants and to combating public and private discrimination against them. However they may have protected them to much and to the detriment of Americans. The Bill of Rights is legislation that protects and enforce the protection of illegal aliens, but who’s protecting the average Joe?Well, surely not the IRS ( Internal Revenue Services). According to the Newsmax’s website on July 7, 2011, the U.

S. Department of Treasury’s inspector general, for tax administration, issued a sickening report entitled “Individuals Who Are Not Authorized to Work in the United States Were Paid $4. 2 Billion in Refundable Credits.

” “According to the Treasury report, foreign nationals not authorized to work in the United States and ineligible for a Social Security Number (SSN) are nevertheless receiving government help from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS currently ssues undocumented aliens an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to facilitate their filing of tax returns. ” A majority of illegal workers were paid cash “under the table” and without filing tax forms; according to the Treasury report these illegal aliens, in addition, had additional benefits. Theres credits such as Child Tax Credit (CTC), Earned Income, an Tax Credit (EITC) were all paid to individuals that do not pay taxes. How can this be helping our country’s financial situation when a good chunk is being handed away without any benefit to our country.According to statistics that 338.

3 billion dollars are spent on illegal immigrants in America annually additional funds for schools, medical and other wealth fair befits. Many illegal workers are paid in cash “under the table” and thus file no tax forms at all; but a number of undocumented workers, according to the Treasury report, are receiving public benefits contrary to federal and state laws. So why would illegal aliens wish to nationalize when they receive many benefits and pay nothing for them?Also combined the fear of past taxes that have gone unpaid by the individuals while they have worked in the U. S. illegally. In my own opinion if we gave a tax waver or tax forgiveness and in forced nationalization they would be more inclined to nationalize and this would increase the much need tax stream to decrease our deficit. Every American child born today has a 50 thousand plus share of our current deficit which could triple every year, welcome to life.

The current debt right now is approximately 14 trillion dollars. Tax dollars are the life blood of our country and the deficit is bleeding us dry.Without taxes we couldn’t support our schools, hospitals, roads, health care or wealth fair systems. To which these illegal aliens are using and getting the benefit out of without paying any of the price. The No Child Left Behind act, passed in 2002, was an acted to bridge the gap between poor and affluent well educated students. The results have been mixed.

According to the secretary of education Margaret spelling said the results were, “understandable in part, because the nation’s schools are assimilating huge numbers of immigrants. Compounded by the trend of Hispanics traveling across the boarder to have children that will be citizens and gain the benefits. This issue can only be compounding over the next years. While illegal immigrant parents are working with no taxation and sending the funds to Mexico their children are reaping the benefits of being nationals and this issue can only escalate over the years.

With much need taxes being pulled, schools teachers being cut, our school systems are starting to show the stress.As nationals these children are entitled to medical and wealth fair befits. Some may say If we legalize all the aliens we will be borage with the detriment of over used road ways, traffic, and other compiled issues with over population. But I say, they are already here and should pay taxes to fund all these social systems instead of sending our money out of the country tax free. According to the Mexican Central Bank reports that remittances totaled $21. 27 billion dollars in 2010, compared to $21. 24 billion in 2009.On top of that the wire transfer fees are making the banks a fortune leaving the average American with there dollars worth far less than they were worth four years ago.

If taxation was mandatory as it is for every American on income made in the United States and globally we would take a large chunk out of our deficit by nationalizing and taxing illegal aliens. Looking at the figures and at the rate at their increase a distinct pattern can be seen. The Hispanic people have learned that America is a gold mine.One way to stop this is to an act legislation that would strictly regulate nationalization and taxation of illegal immigrants. Some may say that these are bold statements against illegal aliens and that these migrants fill the job that Americans do not want to do. With unemployment at a record high Americans need to feed and support their families however they can. Focusing on the big picture correcting this taxation issue with illegal immigrants would correct the other issues like lack of funds for schools, wealth fair and medical systems, as well as keeping more money in America by adding much need tax dollars to our economy.


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