Il in Italy was mainly made up

Il duce or also known as Benito Mussolini was the great dictator of Italy, reigning from 1922 to 1943.

Benito Mussolini became one of the most influential person in our modern society standing alongside great names like Julius Caesar by being the first person in the world to build a totalitarian country, demonstrating ability to a lead a country with charisma, and being able to use his allies to gain more power. Making Benito Mussolini a very influential person in history.A totalitarian society is defined as “relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.

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“, Mussolini was able to make his own political party called the Fascist party , gained power in italy and turned everyone in the country into a fascist. During this time this was really the first time someone was able to create a whole totalitarian country. Influencing many such as hitler and his nazi army. This is very important  because after Mussolini almost all hostile takeover had this totalitarian mindset of turning everyone into a one mindset state to make an easy take over possible. Mussolini wasn’t always a Fascist, once he was a socialist the political party he was later trying to destroy. Benito was raised by his father in these socialist ways, in Italy was mainly made up of socialist family’s that would march in the streets for their socialist values that production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole Instead of the government.

In 1922 Benito abandoned socialism and started in own political party called the National Fascist Party  where a small army of men wearing black shirts would act out violently against socialist and anyone else who would stand against him. In 1922 the king of Italy gave in to Mussolini’s violent ways and made him prime ministers, finally giving him power which he used as a way to turn everyone in Italy into a Fascist giving Benito Mussolini  complete power over Italy making a very strong dictator. By this time Benito was view as a great leader not only by his own people but by a young german man named Adolf Hitler, Hitler was able to understand from Mussolini that by converting everyone into one political party like it was in Italy, it would be a sure way into a dictatorship of complete power. Which Hitler did when creating his political party, The Nazi Party and when he eventually converted  everyone in german and multiple people around the world he truly embody everything that Mussolini  was trying to do with Italy. The only way one can truly understand one’s ability to lead a country is only by how loyal their people where to them. Mussolini was able to control people in a way that would make sure he had there undateable loyalty by use media in a way that would paint him in the best light.

Mussolini would saying this that where such big lies but since he actually believed them everyone wouldn’t have a second thought about whether he was being truthful, once he said ” The British army is weak and dying and the Italian army would be able to sink all their navy in a quarter of an hour” not only was this wrong beyond belief but the thing that made it worst is everyone in Italy truly believed that he would be able to do this. Mussolini was also a big people person and would be out helping and showing the people of Italy how much of a normal person he was by working in the fields with workers or being in the streets near the towns people.


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