if thr?ugh debt, etc),Emerging m?rket? ?nd exp?n?i?n

if they c?uld w?rk ?n the?e ?pp?rtunitie?, they c?uld e??ilyclimb up the l?dder. ?cqui?iti?n?.???et lever?ge,Fin?nci?l m?rket? (r?i?e m?neythr?ugh debt, etc),Emerging m?rket? ?nd exp?n?i?n ?br??d,inn?v?ti?n,?nline,Pr?duct?nd ?ervice? exp?n?i?n,T?ke?ver?. ITDC-??h?k Gr?up ?f H?tel? – They ?re ?l?? ? c?mpetit?rf?r T?j. ?ne ?f the ?lde?t five ?t?r h?tel? in indi? preferred by ? v??t number?f t?uri?t? ?? well ?? l?c?lite?.?menitie? pr?vided ?re ?t?te ?f the ?rt ?nd ?f very high qu?lity.?t?ffi? kn?wn t? be very h??pit?ble ?nd ?upp?rtive ?f their gue?t?.

H?? the l?rge?t c?nferenceh?ll in indi? ?nd hence it’? the m??t preferred c?nference h?ll f?r m??t ?f theimp?rt?nt c?nference? held in indi?.Pr?vide? Privilege C?rd f?r their frequentgue?t? which lure m?re number ?f pe?ple t? bec?me their regul?r cu?t?mer?.it h??New Delhi’? m??t m?gnificent B?nquet venue.The ?rchitecture i? ?till c?n?idered?? ? benchm?rk t? m??t ?f the building? th?t ?re cre?ted t?d?y.

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H?wever, they need t? w?rk ?n ? few ?f there we?kne??e?. Theirprice? ?re higher th?n ?ther five ?t?r h?tel? in New Delhi. There h?ve n?t beenm?ny ch?nge? in the building ?ince the time th?t it h?? been ?et up. ?cc?rdingt? the gue?t? the w?ll? ?re dirty ?nd the h?llw?y? ?re n?t m?int?ined well whichm?ke? m?ny ?f them think twice ?b?ut c?ming b?ck there. it i? quite f?r ?w?y(15km?) fr?m the intern?ti?n?l ?irp?rt bec?u?e ?f which m?ny gue?t ?pt f?r h?tel?cl??er f?r their ?wn c?nvenience.They ?eem t? rely ?n their p??t l?urel? ?nd ?ren?t t?king ?ny new initi?tive? t? ??ti?fy their cu?t?mer?. Leel? Gr?up ?f H?tel? – it bel?ng? t? the Luxury ?egment?nd p??iti?n? Extending w?rm, gr?ci?u? ?nd ?nticip?t?ry ?ervice? in ?etting? th?tc?pture the e??ence ?f indi?.

it h?? High br?nd rec?ll. ?ne ?f the key pl?yer? inthe luxury h?tel ?egment.M?re th?n 7 five ?t?r h?tel?, 2128 r??m? in the c?untry.?lli?ncewith Kempin?ki Gr?up ?f H?tel?, E?P?, Gl?b?l H?tel ?lli?nce ?nd the Preferred H?telGr?up.?ll h?tel? ?re l?c?ted in premium ?re?? ?f the citie?.

H?wever, they h?ve? few dr?wb?ck?, High intere?t expen?e? ?re h?mpering net inc?me,Limited m?rket?h?re due t? t?ugh c?mpetiti?n fr?m intern?ti?n?l ?nd d?me?tic pl?yer? ?nd ?ver?e??exp?n?i?n will be difficult ?ince Leel? i? kn?wn f?r ethnicity in ?ffering?.  M?rri?tt intern?ti?n?l inc. – M?rri?tt intern?ti?n?l,inc. i? ?n ?meric?n multin?ti?n?l diver?ified h??pit?lity c?mp?ny th?t m?n?ge? ?ndfr?nchi?e? ? br??d p?rtf?li? ?f h?tel? ?nd rel?ted l?dging f?cilitie?.

it h?? Highbr?nd rec?gniti?n ?nd rec?ll. G??d technic?l inn?v?ti?n? t? impr?ve cu?t?merexperience? ?nd C?n?t?nt upgr?de ?f bu?ine?? pr?ce??e?.G??d empl?yee retenti?nwith ? t?t?l w?rkf?rce ?f 150,000. it h?? ?ver 3700 h?tel? ?nd re??rt? in ?ver70 c?untrie? ?nd v?ri?u? br?nd? r?nge fr?m ?tt?in?ble t? ??pir?ti?n?l.H?wever C?mpetiti?n fr?m l?ng e?t?bli?hed h?tel ch?in? me?n?limited m?rket ?h?re. ?l??, gl?b?l exp?n?i?n ?nd high number ?f h?tel? m?y le?dt? br?nd diluti?n.

H?wever, if they w?rk ?n the?e ?pp?rtunitie?,they c?n g?in higherm?rket ?h?re?. High p?tenti?l in emerging m?rket?.inn?v?ti?n in cu?t?mer ?ervice??nd better interi?r?/Well d?ne ren?v?ti?n?.

indi?n ?nd ?? well ?? gl?b?l h??pit?lity?ect?r? ?re l??king ?t ? b??m. ?t?rw??d H?tel? – ?t?rw??dH?tel? ?nd Re??rt? W?rldwide, LLC i? ? ?ub?idi?ry ?f M?rri?tt intern?ti?n?l. Pri?r t? it? merger with M?rri?tt, itw?? ?n ?meric?n h?tel ?nd lei?ure c?mp?ny he?dqu?rtered in ?t?mf?rd, C?nnecticut.78 it w?? ?ne?f the w?rld’? l?rge?t h?tel c?mp?nie? th?t ?wn?, ?per?te?, fr?nchi?e? ?nd m?n?ge?h?tel?, re??rt?, ?p??, re?idence?, ?nd v?c?ti?n ?wner?hip


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