If a genie in a lamp were to grant you three wishes, what would they be? Essay

 If a genie in a lamp were to grant you three wishes, what would they be?            Ever been thrilled by making wishes? Wishes that are sometimes just too impossible but if destiny permits can be achievable? Oh yes! We young people get thrilled by the fact that some people grant our wishes. Did I just say people? Oh! What I meant was extraordinary and supernatural being. Maybe it Genies, Magicians, Sorcerers, Witchcrafts and the like.            As young people, we have many dreams or desires deep in our hearts.

Have you ever desire for something? Someone? Or an event that you want to happen? What if one day you are walking along the beach and stumbled upon a Genie’s Lamp? What a terrific happening that would be, meeting someone like a Genie that would grant all your hearts desire. Then the Genie would ask you to make three wishes and he will allow you to have those aforementioned. So, you may ask who is a Genie. Genie is the English term for the Arabic word jinn. In pre-Islamic Arabian mythology and in Islam, a jinni is a member of the jinn, a race of creatures.

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The word “jinn” literally means anything which has the connotation of concealment, invisibility, seclusion and remoteness. (See Genie. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)            I would immediately grab that one time privilege and would not hesitate to think of three things that I would want to have or I would like to happen.  I will tell the Genie that I want to have a brilliant mind, a paramount strength and a joyful heart.

I chose these things to be my wishes because through it I can achieve the other things especially in the material aspect and emotional aspect which all of us need. My first wish is to have a brilliant mind, I am longing for it too bad. It is not that I have a dull mind but it is because through it I can achieve my goals in life, like having a good career in the future which can greatly help me in establishing a family. The second petition that I would present to the genie is to have a paramount strength; this would mean an unbeatable strength or it is above the others. It doesn’t just mean strength physically but also strength from within. That in times of trouble and discouragement, I will still be very strong and there will be no room for quitting in my heart but only to move on even when I am already pressed and crushed. My last wish would be, having a joyful heart.

This just connects to my second wish. That if I always have joy in my heart, I would not feel sadness or loneliness even if all people would leave me. Even I am in the midst of travails I am still in happiness because of the hope that I am keeping deep down in my heart and mind.            I would not wish for any material things for I believe that with hard work and perseverance you can achieve or have those things. Some people would believe that Genies really exist while other’s don’t. Whether it maybe true or not, we should not rely on this only.

What we must do is to be very diligent in everything that we will be doing, we should always be optimistic that hard work will grant us the reward, and those rewards are the ones that we have all been longing for; things that we think we are not capable of achieving. Genies maybe true or not, well it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter for we are the master of our destiny with God as our guide and things just certainly happens because of the very decisions that we make.Reference:“Genie”. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia.

Oct. 16, 2006. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jinn 


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